Tourism in the death care industry

Three ways in which tourism is changing cemeteries and the broader death care industry.

The Death Care Industry and the Digital World

Yes, you are being affected by a changing digital world and customer expectations.

Elegant Customer Experience

Providing always-on digital services is no longer enough to be better than your direct competitors.

Upcoming Events

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Business Success and Software Systems Go Hand-In-Hand

Not just an administration system

Cemeteries face two challenges. The first being a shift in the buying habits of their customers and secondly building long term sustainability into the business.

OpusXenta provides modern software solutions, industry experience and a culture of innovation to ensure that your cemetery can provide the experience your customer demands while building sustainablility through inccreased revenue, streamlined productivity and reduced overheads.

Our flagship product, OpusXi, is a world beating cemetery management solution which was designed not to just replace existing business processes but rather to provide a completely new approach to running and building a cemetery while still meeting the needs of process, compliance and governance. 

Solutions for the whole business
Small business- Financial Management
Growth - Expand Operations and Sales
Medium Business - Enhance Efficiency and Process
Hero - Leverage Your Systems for Exponential Growth

From Zero to Hero with OpusXenta

With you all the way

No matter what the stage is of your business, OpusXenta will deliver the solutions you need to be competitive, to grow sales and to manage the business.

  • Create a solid foundation to manage the finances of the business
  • Create new customers through marketing automation
  • Make better business decisions through analytics
  • Simplify and manage your document workflows
  • Optimise the operations of your business to deliver better profitability and customer service