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Technology for death care

Go beyond records management and mapping to complete end-to-end management of your cemetery or funeral home

Meet your demand for digital transformation
Build new revenue streams for improved reserves
Preserve the past by managing historical records
Improve customer experience with better interaction



OpusXc is a lighter solution designed to provide a range of features for those cemeteries which ...

  • Are historic and no longer selling new services; or
  • Have 100 or less services per year; or
  • Want a lighter records keeping and mapping solution 

OpusXi caters for the active and growing cemetery and crematorium where they ...

  • Have more than 100 services per year; or
  • Want a comprehensive records management, mapping and operational solution
Opusxf Red

OpusXf is a new generation of funeral home solution that caters for both the dedicated funeral home as well as "combos".

Manage your entire business across all of your cemeteries, crematoria, mortuaries and funeral homes.


byondcloud brings a whole new way for the death care industry to transact with each other ... quickly, easily and efficiently.

From being able to make bookings online 24/7 to issuing mason permits, ordering catering or adding flowers to a service ... it is all just a click away.

From Zero to Hero with OpusXenta

Small business- Financial Management
Growth - Expand Operations and Sales
Medium Business - Enhance Efficiency and Process
Hero - Leverage Your Systems for Exponential Growth

With you all the way

No matter what the stage is of your business, OpusXenta will deliver the software solutions you need to be competitive, to grow sales and to manage the business.

  • Create a solid foundation to manage the finances of the business
  • Create new customers through marketing automation
  • Make better business decisions through analytics
  • Simplify and manage your document workflows
  • Optimize the operations of your business to deliver better profitability and customer service

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