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Since day one, OpusXenta has been 100% focused on delivering impactful technology solutions for death care organizations.

We equip them with cloud software, marketplaces, services, and data intelligence designed with professional insight and supported with unparalleled commitment. Every day, our customers achieve unmatched impact as they advance their missions.

Our Features

How OpusXenta’s cemetery software can help transform your operations.

Operational Efficiency

OpusXenta's cemetery software tools aid in customer engagement, inventory management, documentation, compliance, and mapping, as well as grounds management and financials. Whether it's maintaining burial records, optimizing plot allocation, or managing cemetery finances, our cemetery manager software streamlines your operations for enhanced efficiency.

A Single Solution

Move away from multiple outdated systems and embrace OpusXenta's streamlined single-entry digital cemetery software program. Our centralized software for cemetery management disseminates information across the whole organization, ensuring seamless communication between different departments. From administrators to groundskeepers, everyone stays connected and up-to-date.

Manage Transformation

OpusXenta's cemetery management software empowers you to provide your trading partners and the families you serve with the experience they expect. By leveraging our innovative tools, you can improve collaboration, enhance service offerings, and elevate the overall cemetery experience for everyone involved.

How OpusXenta’s crematory software can optimize your operations.

Simple Bookings Process

OpusXenta's crematory software simplifies the cremation bookings process, allowing funeral directors to make reservations easily while streamlining operations to save time and money.

Tracking and Compliance

Oversee the entire cremation process with OpusXenta's cohesive system, tracking everything from the time of booking through to the return of the cremated remains. Our software ensures full compliance with regulations and guidelines, providing peace of mind for both you and the families you serve.

Optimize Your Operations

With Opusxenta's crematory software, you can track and manage the use of your resources to improve efficiency, monitor key operational statistics, and reduce costs. Our data-driven insights enable you to make informed decisions that drive continuous improvement and deliver exceptional service.

How OpusXenta’s funeral home software can enhance your operations.

End-to-End Solutions

OpusXenta offers an all-in-one business funeral software solution that allows you to enter data once, ensuring accuracy and availability across all departments.

A Consistent Customer Experience

With our funeral home software tools, your family consultants can consistently deliver the best customer experience that you have spent years evolving. Our user-friendly interface and integrated features empower your team to provide personalized and professional services.

Save Time and Stress

Managing a funeral home can be stressful, but OpusXenta's comprehensive and easy-to-use funeral management system is here to help. By simplifying processes and automating repetitive tasks, our software solution can save time and alleviate stress.

How We Make a Difference

Our Products

byondpro Logo

Manage Your Death Care Business End-to-End with byondpro.

Managing your death care business is complex; your technology should be simple and streamlined.

That is why OpusXenta created byondpro—a complete and fully integrated business management solution that allows funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories to build efficient operations, satisfy compliance, manage financials, and, most importantly, deliver quality service to families.

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Make Payments Easy with opuspay.

Simplify the way you accept payments with opuspay. Fully integrated with byondcloud and byondpro, opuspay saves staff time and effort.

Competitive rates and trusted partners mean better choices for your business.

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Deliver Change and Support Tradition with byondcloud.

In today’s “always-on” world, more people go online to research or to transact than through any other medium.

byondcloud is the online platform that complements the traditional way of running your death care business while providing the capabilities needed to navigate the shift toward the digital world.

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