Cemetery Mapping and Plot Management Software

Build customer and community engagement by showcasing your cemetery through high resolution imagery while also streamlining your operations and tracking your memorial locations using state of the art GPS technology.

OpusXenta Cemetery Mapping Software

All The Features You Need

byondpro and byondcloud incorporate a host of mapping features to enable cost-effective capabilities for cemeteries as well as crematories or funeral homes that maintain their own memorial facilities such as cremation gardens.

Mapping can optimize the utilization of space, manage inventory, streamline groundwork, and provide easy grounds navigation.

Cemetery mapping software can save you thousands by putting the tools you need at your fingertips. OpusXenta provides best-in-class mapping, architectural, and geospatial engineering services to ensure the best outcomes from your mapping strategies.

OpusXenta Cemetery Mapping Software

Use digital maps with GPS locations that can be updated through handheld mobile devices, geotechnical devices, and auto-calculated based on cemetery layout.

View maps anywhere and anytime through any desktop browser and mobile device. All you need is a device and an internet connection (including mobile internet).

Drag and drop pins on your screen to measure distance or area in real-time, either at your desk or in the field.

Print maps onto daily works documents for the grounds teams and onto location maps for visitors to easily navigate the cemetery.

Link detailed information to every location and view this detail on your maps at the click of a button.

Identify significant locations, allowing visitors and staff to view them and to learn interesting facts about them through your maps. Use this technology to provide guided tours and grow community engagement.

Provide visitors with an easy way to find the location of loved ones through kiosks, computers, or mobile devices.

Add images, such as those of the deceased or headstones, to your records and display them through your maps. Or showcase the your points of interest to engage visitors.

Optimize Space

Planning the optimal layout of your facility ensures that the grounds are used effectively to provide as many resting and memorial spaces as possible. This assists in leveraging good returns per area while also providing the much-needed space in an industry which is under continual pressure to have more available.

Visibility of Inventory

Graphically view and manage your inventory across the entire facility or for selected areas.

Provide your sales teams with the ability to view stock availability from their desks or while walking the facility and provide customers with a personalized showcase of your inventory to match their specific needs.

Operational Efficiency

Make your grounds teams more efficient through the use of the cemetery maps by being able to find and identify locations accurately.

Ensure that the space dimensions are available to the grounds teams so that they can plan the service without the risk of a surprise at the time of excavating.

Easily identify flora growth, age, and root movement to protect against damage to graves and cemetery structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cemetery mapping software is a specialized tool designed to digitally manage and visualize cemetery grounds. It utilizes maps and GPS technology to create accurate layouts of burial plots, graves, mausoleums, and other features within a cemetery. Cemetery layout software simplifies record-keeping, helps locate gravesites efficiently, and enhances overall cemetery management.

OpusXenta’s cemetery mapping and information system also includes a range of practical features that contribute to a comprehensive cemetery management solution:

  • Floral Programs: OpusXenta’s floral program module allows users to seamlessly manage and track floral arrangements and offerings.
  • Mason Permits: With OpusXenta’s mason permit feature, cemetery administrators can manage the permits and authorizations for various mason-related activities within the cemetery premises.
  • Proxy Manager: The proxy manager feature in OpusXenta’s suite facilitates the voting process for rights holders or specific individuals or groups.
  • MarketMakr: OpusXenta’s MarketMakr module is designed to make showcasing products, services, pricing, and facilities online easier for cemeteries.

Cemetery mapping software enhances cemetery records by digitizing and centralizing information. It allows administrators to maintain up-to-date records of burial plots, occupants, available spaces, and related details. A well-maintained cemetery information system eliminates manual errors, streamlines record retrieval, and assists in maintaining the historical and genealogical significance of the cemetery.

OpusXenta’s cemetery plot map software, MapMakr, empowers visitors by providing them with easy-to-use digital maps of the cemetery. Visitors can search for specific gravesites, locate monuments, and access information about the deceased. This enhances their overall experience, making it simpler to pay respects and find their way around the cemetery.

OpusXenta’s graveyard mapping software is designed with user-friendliness in mind and includes tutorials, guides, and customer support to help users quickly understand its features and functions.

OpusXenta provides comprehensive support for users of our cemetery layout software. Specific support includes user guides, video tutorials, and a responsive customer support team that can address technical issues, answer queries, and offer guidance in utilizing the software effectively.

To get started with OpusXenta’s cemetery mapping software, you can request a demo and our team will be in contact with you to discuss your requirements.

Yes, cemetery mapping is included with both byondpro and byondcloud, which are cloud-based solutions. This means that the software and data are hosted on remote servers, accessible through an internet connection. Cloud-based solutions offer a host of benefits such as remote accessibility, automatic updates, and data security, ensuring that cemetery administrators can manage and access information from various devices and locations.

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