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recordkeepr is a simple to use yet effective mapping and record management solution which delivers the features and functions you need.

Say hello to better document management software for funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories.

recordkeepr is included in every byondcloud subscription. For less than you might imagine, you can manage deceased records, track your inventory, generate quotes and invoices, and maintain compliance with legislation. Showcase your cemetery to the public with the ability to search your records, and use maps for easy navigation to burial and memorial locations.

OpusXenta Memorial Management Solution

Records Management

Comprehensively track all your records to ensure statutory compliance and ease of finding the right information as and when it is needed. The information tracked includes: burial and memorial locations, rights of interment / burial rights, deceased persons, exhumations, documents, and images.


Visually map all of your memorial locations, including graves, mausolea, and ash placements.

Use your mapping to show your inventory availability and make it easy for the public to navigate their way to burial or memorial locations.

The advanced mapping capabilities mean you can avoid expensive surveying costs.


Quickly and easily get a snapshot of your inventory availability and track available, reserved, and sold statuses.

Automatically update your inventory levels when locations are reserved or sold.

Use the mapping to provide an interactive view of your inventory status across your cemetery or memorial locations.


Statutory compliance with record-keeping legislation and the safekeeping of all paper-based or digital records is critically important to cemeteries, crematories, and funeral homes.

recordkeepr ensures that all the required information is provided for, and you can extract the information needed for providing compliance reports.

Your data is kept safe in a secure and fully managed cloud environment in your country of residence.

OpusXenta Funeral Home Management Software


Most cemeteries have an exciting history about the area in which they are found and the residents that have lived near them. Use the rich history of your cemetery to showcase your area and to provide ancestral information that creates public interest and attracts new customers.

Quotes and Invoices

Quickly and easily generate quotes and invoices with easy to use free text fields and the ability to add or change labels that reflect your range of products and services.

Standard templates can be customized with your logo and branding, ready to print or export.


Basic reporting functionality gives you the ability to quickly access information about deceased records, rights holders, and memorial and burial locations.

Learn more from your data with the option to export reports as a spreadsheet for customisation and analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how recordkeepr and OpusXenta can support your organization.

There are some essential features for any cemetery database software or death care management solution. We have developed these features to help you:

  • Access your data from anywhere with a cloud-based system
  • Track burial plots, points of interest and other location details
  • Manage and communicate your inventory at a glance
  • Handle sales and booking enquiries with ease
  • Keep data safe and accurate for compliance
  • Generate reports to gain key and new insights for your organization, and
  • Integrate with your existing systems, such as financial software and CRM software.

It’s time to leave behind those clunky, outdated systems that were hard to use and seemed to just add extra admin time. We have designed recordkeepr and byondcloud to address the common challenges of software for the death care industry. We offer: 

  • Easy updates – so you can forget the typical software frustrations.
  • An intuitive user experience and support – so no one is left behind. And,
  • Flexibility – so your system works for you, whether you’re looking for cemetery record keeping software, crematory records software, or a modern solution for funeral homes.

recordkeepr, byondcloud and other OpusXenta products are built to be comprehensive yet flexible. Our products can be used in a way that will suit your specific business needs. You can also adjust your cloud subscriptions and storage space based on what you require.

OpusXenta products are ideal for organizations of every size, from single locations to multiple sites. If you’re managing more than one cemetery, funeral home or crematory, OpusXenta’s products can be scaled to suit your requirements. With support teams in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, OpusXenta is here to help you grow.

Yes, our support team can assist with data migration from your existing systems to byondpro or byondcloud. Our products can also integrate smoothly with existing workflows. If you’re looking for a straightforward transition to a new electronic document management system for a funeral home, crematory, or cemetery, you can find it with recordkeepr. 

While our death care and cemetery record keeping software is designed to be instantly user friendly, we know it’s also vital to have support to help get your team members up to speed. We offer training resources including user guides and video tutorials, as well as a responsive customer support team at the ready. We can also provide tailored training sessions to suit your team and goals.

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