Solutions for Cemetery Memorial Management and Care Programs

Funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories can create a range of new service offerings, creating revenue growth opportunities through providing Care Programs.

Provide families and estates with the ability to maintain memorial locations and celebrate important personal and cultural dates and events.

OpusXenta Memorial Management Solution

Flexible Care Programs

Provide standardized or custom care programs through templates which can include any type of product or service.


Create and manage care program contracts with the families or estates.

Recurring Billing and Payments

Automate the recurring billing and payment collections for care programs. You can also optionally elect for payment to be made from a family or estate’s endowment or investment.


Simplify and manage the ordering of products and services from suppliers for your care programs.

Flower Placement

Provide a flower placement service through scheduled care programs based on dates such as anniversary of death, birthdays and public / cultural events.

Work Orders

Streamline your service teams and manage the tasks required for delivery of the care programs for your own facilities. Provide the cemetery with the information needed to execute maintenance or placements.