Masonry Workflow & Permit Management for Cemeteries

Cemeteries and masons can streamline their monument permit process with byondcloud. With an easy-to-use online form, automated applications and a straightforward approval process, you can save time and ensure adherence to rules and regulations.

OpusXenta Mason Permit Solution

Manage Your Monument Permits Online

Receive mason permits through a simple online function. Sort and filter permit requests to track and view permits based on your preferences.

View Individual Requests

Open individual permits to view the monument details, including all documents, images, design plans and inscriptions.

Single Click Actions

Easily update the status of applications with automated notifications. Edit, Reject, Issue, Cancel, or Complete permits from one screen.

Place a Permit on Hold

If there are any issues with the permit or process, place a permit on hold. Even if a permit has been issued, it can still be placed on hold until the work is completed.

Manage Your Monument Permits Online

Apply 24/7 for permits on the easy-to-use online form, and submit it to the cemetery for review and approval.

It's All in the Details

Provide all documents, images, drawings, inscriptions, and other required details through a simple online function.

Check Permit Status

See the status of your monument permits online, fill requests for additional information, or receive updates for your project anytime. Status confirmations and notifications go right to your inbox.

Expand Your Business

Work with any cemetery, crematory, or funeral home that participates in the byondcloud marketplace.