Floral Tribute Management Software

Enhance the traditional way of placing flowers for families with floral programs.

Scheduled mass flower placements offer a unique opportunity to engage with families while also creating additional revenue opportunities for your cemetery, crematory, or funeral home.

OpusXenta Floral Tribute Software

Honor Significant Dates

Schedule floral programs for significant cultural, social, or religious dates in your community, supporting the families who honor them with mass flower placements.

Nurture Better Relationships with Families

Connect with your customers directly through byondcloud with easy-to-use email and mail campaigns. Simple templates and automated notifications ensure you are always able to communicate quickly and professionally.

Never Miss an Order

Manage the whole supply chain with automated logistics, including purchase orders, fulfillment, and work orders. A single dashboard ensures you have a clear picture of orders, payments, and placements at all times.

Collaborate with Your Business Partners

Connect with your established business partners and provide opportunities for revenue sharing, delivering more product and service options, and enhancing the experience for post-need customers.

Integrated Payment Processing

Provide secure online payment options, recurring payments, and automated payment confirmation to your families with our built-in online payments system, opuspay.

Measure Your Success

Easy-to-understand reports give you the big picture. View your campaign’s success on one screen with order, payment, and delivery data organized for easy analysis.

Take Your Death Care Business Even Further

Use floral programs alongside other byondcloud features to further strengthen your offerings, increase your revenue, and provide a better and more modern experience for your community.