Reporting and Analytics Software for Cemeteries, Crematories and Funeral Homes

Rapidly deploy business intelligence (BI) solutions that meet the specific needs of anyone and everyone who works with data across your enterprise. Use your data to make effective business decisions that drive productivity, profitability, and customer service.

OpusXenta Death Care Reporting Software

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The OpusXenta business intelligence tools help people see and understand data. Our visual analytics platform transforms the way people use data to solve problems, understand their markets and customers, and make better decisions.

Finance: Automate operations and simplify compliance

Gain better insight into areas such as sales forecasting, marketing spend, or performance by unifying data from multiple sources. Automate the delivery of key reports to reduce the burden on your finance teams and ensure compliance. Manage all of this data via a single version of the truth that spans across multiple operational applications.

Marketing: Gain a trusted view of marketing attribution

Measure the return on marketing investment and identify the channels that have higher conversions. Analyze attribution by single- and multi-touch to determine the right campaign mix in respect to revenue.

Sales: Nail your quota with better insights into your pipeline

Rapidly analyze movements within the pipeline and identify where, why, and how changes occur. Leverage analytics to spot opportunities and monitor consultants with moving target dates. Gain visibility to the entire pipeline, remove bottlenecks, and increase consultant performance.

Operations: Understand the key performance impact across entire processes

Bring together disparate data from edge operations, finance, and other core functions in a virtual view to gain an end-to-end overview of key processes. Then align this data in a contextual view for business users and analysts so they can browse, review, and explore ways to improve key business functions or to streamline operating costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business intelligence solutions allow operators of cemeteries, funeral homes and crematories to view and understand data related to their business. This data can be used to inform important decisions for your business’ customer service and profitability.

Business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) both use data but differ slightly in their focus. BI solutions concentrate on known past and current events, while BA predicts future events based on data trends.

Cemetery data analytics software has a variety of functions for businesses. BA allows you to gain insights from financial spending, predict sales quotas, analyze your marketing investment and understand key performance data from your operation.

OpusXenta’s funeral home data analytics software can be tailored to the needs of individual businesses. There are also a number of report templates available that meet the needs of most businesses, including legal and regulatory reporting templates.

Our services cater to businesses who operate over multiple sites or branches. Our data analytics software allows you to compare your organization’s data tracking from its different locations to increase productivity.

OpusXenta is able to integrate your business’ existing data into its own crematory data analytics software. We work with clients on a case by case basis to develop a migration plan for their data. Please note that there can be fees associated with data migration and it is best to contact us for a personalized quote for this service.

Yes, OpusXenta does offer training courses and onboarding services to ensure clients are able to use our data analytics software to benefit their cemetery, funeral home or crematory business.

Contact us for more information on trying OpusXenta for your business.