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Get a wealth of capabilities for your funeral home—from finding new customers through to after service customer care and everything in between.

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Sales Excellence

Manage your entire sales process from leads to quotes, bookings, billing, and after service follow up.

Grow sales through building best sales practices and providing the best tools to help your consultants deliver great customer service.

Gain visibility of your pipeline and sales activity to simplify sales management for your funeral home.

Data You Can Use

Know your customers and build lasting relationships.

Take control of the design of your forms, screens, and data fields to capture all the information you need. byondpro provides an open standard that allows you to customize as needed.

Use the relationship tracker to build a view of the entire family and other relationships to form a valuable contact base for ongoing communication and sales.

Screenshot of Relationships Summary Screen in byondpro
Screenshot of Sales and Booking Summary Screen in byondpro

Funeral Bookings

Simplify and yet effectively manage the funeral booking process for your consultants with automated workflows.

byondpro provides everything you need to make the first call, plan the service, prepare quotes, book the services, manage suppliers, generate invoices, and take payments.

The booking and billing engine provides for both at-need and pre-need funeral transaction types with complete tracking of pre-need contracts, trusts, and redemptions.

Service Planning

Manage all aspects of a funeral from a single point to smoothly plan and execute a welcoming service.

Easily track and manage suppliers, such as florists and masons.

Use the service management module to keep your service delivery teams up to date with family requests and to easily track compliance and operational tasks.

Provide service information through your website or kiosks and chapel / venue displays. Manage your service schedule no matter what type of service is requested.

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Manage your mortuary through the entire patient collection, storage, and service process.


Use our full-featured CRM solution to manage your sales team, sales activities, and pipeline while also accessing a powerful contact management solution.

Integrated Payments

Simplify the way you accept payments with opuspay. Seamlessly integrated with your management software, opuspay makes payment collection fast and easy.

Schedule of Services

Provide service information through your website or at your funeral home through kiosks and chapel and venue displays.

Marketing Automation

Engage with your community and markets to create new sales opportunities and to build your sales pipeline.

Finance Management

Take advantage of fully integrated financial components, or integrate to your favorite solution to effectively manage the finances of your funeral home.

Workflows and Escalations

Design the perfect workflows to match your business processes and build escalation rules to ensure on-time execution of workflow tasks.

Deceased Search

Easily find deceased records based on any of the data (or combinations of the data) held in the system.

Document Automation

Simplify your document management processes and track customer engagement with your quotes, invoices, deeds, and other important documents.


Use the standard built-in reports and dashboards or personalize your own as needed to get real-time information about your operations.

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