Funeral Planning Software & Deathcare Task Manager

Your grounds and services team are an integral part of your cemetery, crematory or funeral home operations, and to keep everybody on the same task, you need the very best in cemetery work order management software. Task Manager from OpusXenta gives your office and operations teams the functions and details they need to streamline the delivery of your services―from any device. Task manager enables staff to instantly send updates, receive answers to questions, reassign tasks, and much more. See how simple it is to initiate every task with the latest in online task management software for cemeteries from OpusXenta.

OpusXenta Task Management and Workflow Solutions

Task Manager gives you access to all of the necessary job details on any device from any location. Each individual can see jobs assigned to them, and supervisors can view all scheduled projects for their entire team.

For the operations team:

Show assigned work orders on simple dashboards.
Easily track and manage your work and compliance tasks.

For the office team:

View progress of work orders inside your bookings system.
Easily update the operations team with changes in service requests.

For the supervisor

Build custom workflows to match your business processes. Gain visibility and manage your teams and work orders. OpusXenta online task management software for cemeteries, will streamline all your health, safety, and compliance tasks.

Send your operations teams out into the field with technology to perform service and safety checks remotely on their smartphone or tablet.

Build custom workflows to match your business processes. Add tasks that are part of your operational processes, give them unique codes, and put them in order of steps to be performed—That’s it! You are ready to go.

Everyone will be on the same page, whether in the office or out on the grounds. OpusXenta’s task management solution improves internal communications by allowing staff to send updates, get questions answered, and share photos—instantaneously.

Create customizable profiles from the admin screen with just a few keystrokes. Then assign job functions that each role can perform. Add users and assign task-specific profiles.

Assign and reallocate individuals between teams to optimize project schedules. Only their assigned tasks will show in their dashboard, specific to their individual or team assignments.

Group tasks into sequences that break your entire process into phases. Determine the order of steps; when all steps are finished, phases can be marked as completed and automatically attached to the deceased record as a readily available reference.