Endowment Fund Management for Cemeteries, Funeral Homes & Crematories

Maintenance of your cemetery is important, and it’s critical to monitor the availability of funds to achieve this. Funds Manager helps you track and manage endowments and other investments across your portfolio of trusts.

OpusXenta Endowment Fund Management Solution

Investment Funds

Create and manage the investment funds across your portfolio.

Trust Management

Gain instant visibility of all your estate trusts and endowment performance.

Trust Distributions

Manage and track usage of funds and update your financial systems.

Managed Income

Process investment income and automate amortization and allocations to endowments.

Trust Statements

Provide strong auditability and reporting for the funds, trusts, and endowment contracts.


Know which memorial locations and authorized persons are assigned to the trust, and track income and expenditure against people or locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Endowment management involves administering trust funds designed to help with long term maintenance and care of cemeteries, funeral homes and crematories. Endowment management allows these businesses to maintain their grounds and facilities.

Cemetery finance management software, such as our funds manager, is important to ensure your death care business has the financial backing it needs in order to maintain its facilities and attract new customers.

At this stage, the Funds Manager includes the same features for all customers and is not customizable.

Yes, OpusXenta’s Services team is able to provide training and personalized support to set up your business with our funeral home accounting software.

Our Services team offer training courses and individual support to guide you through the setup process and help you get started using the OpusXenta funds manager as your cemetery finance management software.

Our funeral home billing software is very secure, featuring industry-standard encryption protocols and tokenization for individual accounts to ensure no personal details are stored by your company.