‘In Conversation with’ Dr Don Eisenhauer

‘In Conversation with’ Dr Don Eisenhauer


During this webinar, we explored End of Life Coaching. Dr. Eisenhauer shared the principles of end-of-life coaching and the benefits it provides to the dying, as well as to the loved ones they will ultimately leave behind. We also discussed how funeral directors can better serve families and their communities through the use of these techniques. Dr. Eisenhauer also shared how his Bereavement Management System can support Funeral Directors in establishing and providing aftercare to the families they serve.

Key Takeaways:

End-of-life coaching is for the dying as well as for people grieving the loss of a loved one. It can also apply to a non-death loss, which applies to any loss, like a move, a break-up, divorce, losing a job, etc. Many of these losses are not being dealt with.

  • End of life coaching provides:
    a safe place for people to be heard and to tell their stories
  • someone to be present with them as they ride the grief rollercoaster
  • normalize what they are going through
  • help them discover their “new normal” and how to live in the midst of the loss
  • celebrate growth with them
  • Funeral Directors can provide grief groups for families for ongoing care.


Having a “grief mindset” means acknowledging that loss is a reality and it’s a part of life. Give yourself permission to feel and talk it out.

Grief is an opportunity to grow.

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