‘In Conversation with’ Robert Pitt

‘In Conversation with’ Robert Pitt


In this webinar, we spoke with Robert Pitt, CEO of Adelaide Cemeteries Authority, about their Tourism Award Winning cemetery tours which balance cultural sensitivities with educational experiences. Robert explained how they worked with volunteers and the community to design and deliver the tours, how they have evolved, and the benefits to the Cemetery and the surrounding community.

Key Takeaways:

Consultation with the community and those who visited the cemetery for remembrance purposes was undertaken prior to the launch of the tours.


  • Plans inform the activities within the cemetery and provide guidelines and policy.
  • Engage with volunteers and leverage their knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm.
  • Start small with the number of tours on offer.
  • Takes time to develop each tour.
  • Mapping out the route for the tours is critical to ensure access is hazard free and safe for participants.
  • Tours are changed every couple of years.
  • Contributes to the conservation of the area.
  • A cared for cemetery get people into the cemetery and helps protect against vandalism.
  • Visiting cemeteries makes people think about pre-need planning.
  • Cemeteries are a place for grieving and remembering, they connect the community with its past, and the tours are conducted with the underlying belief of maintaining dignity and respect.

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