‘In Conversation with’ Lisa Herbert

‘In Conversation with’ Lisa Herbert


August 8 is Dying to Know Day, an annual campaign to encourage people to start conversations about death. Do you know that around 50% of Australians and New Zealanders die without a valid will? Have you had a conversation about death with your loved ones? Do they know your wishes for your funeral, and do you know theirs? There are more things to think about than whether you want to be cremated or buried such as the type of farewell, who you want to be present, what you want to wear, elaborate casket or eco-friendly coffin, and who will manage your email and social media accounts after your death.

Our guest, Lisa Herbert, author of “The Bottom Drawer Book: The After Death Action Plan” will be talking to us about getting that conversation started and the importance of planning for the inevitable.

Lisa Herbert is a death literacy advocate, cemetery wanderer, journalist, and author of the funeral planning guide “The Bottom Drawer Book: The After Death Action Plan”, an informative and light-hearted workbook for those who want to be prepared for the inevitable.

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