‘In Conversation with’ Neil Amrhein

‘In Conversation with’ Neil Amrhein


For June’s “In Conversation with” webinar, we were joined by Neil Amrhein, CEO of My Goat, Inc, where he discussed the history of My Goat, the technology behind it, and how utilizing My Goat can revolutionize cemetery lawn care. My Goat is a software company that improves labor productivity, reduces cost and positively impacts the environment. It’s easiest described as “Roomba meets Netflix” for commercial lawn mowing. Specifically developed for commercial owners and managers, My Goat has thrived in the cemetery industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • A “Goat” is an autonomous robot mower that stays inside a hardwired “pen” with an invisible fence that “grazes” the grass. The innovative software of My Goat allows the “shepherd,” the person who maintains the goat, to understand the efficiency of the Goat.
  • The Goats maintain grass daily, instead of one time per week, which increases labor productivity. -My Goat provides a 30-35% reduction in labor cost.
  • The goats are noise-free and have a zero-carbon footprint, which helps to create serenity during services.
  • Maintenance on the software is done by the shepherds. There is an adoption process and continuous education provided to understand and develop a skill in the technology and proficiency of the mower.
  • Software includes the “4 M’s” Monitor, Maintain, Move, and Manage.
    • Monitor: the big picture of the project. Supervisors can look at the dashboard to see the health of the goat and the environmental impact. It also allows you to see the Goat utilization and optimization.
    • Maintain: Allows “shepherds” to stay proactive. Issues can be logged into the system, SMS texts provided when the blades need to be changed, as well as other alerts.
    • Move: Alerts when a goat needs to move to another “pen” and continues a rotation on a schedule
    • Manage: Designed to have an easy user experience. The goat is used to identify imperfections in the property, such as holes that can be a liability.
  • After the grass is cut, the grass is then mulched, which proves to be healthier for the grass and its regrowth. The goats maintain once a day and finds tall grass to cut.

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