‘In Conversation with’ Nancy Weil

‘In Conversation with’ Nancy Weil


Has the past year been stressful for you? Feeling stretched thin? It doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine a meaningful and lasting solution for dealing with stress. Laughter and other simple tools can reduce stress immediately, boost the immune system, and increase joy. Learn how to laugh your way to health, happiness, and new ways of looking at life.

In this special webinar with Nancy Weil, the founder of The Laugh Academy and Member Resources Director for the Order of the Golden Rule, we learnt:

  • It’s essential to be able to differentiate between Eustress and Distress, as one is positive and one is negative.
  • The three simple steps to remove stress from your life are ‘State It’, ‘Rate It, and ‘Obliterate It’.
  • It’s essential to have an ‘HPOA’ – Humor Plan of Action. An HPOA provides you with a tangible tool that you can reference in times of distress and fall back on. Without an HPOA, it’s easy to continue to deal with stress in the manner you are most accustomed to.
  • Laughter helps boost your immune system, reduce pain, and other health benefits.
  • Fun stress relief ideas include having a ‘Joy Box’ (fun toys like slinkies, stuffed animals, etc.), ‘Inner Child Outings’ (play at the park, ride your bike, coloring in, etc.), or playing with bubbles.
  • Don’t forget to ‘Take time for chocolate moments,’ whether it’s literally chocolate or something else that brings you joy. These are moments of self-care.
  • Practice mindfulness, and live in the moment each day.
  • The present is all we have control over.
  • Just breathe!


Nancy Weil is a leading authority on the relationship between humor and grief and is known for her energetic, entertaining, and content-rich programs. For the past ten years, her monthly column has been featured in Funeral Home and Cemetery News. She has certifications as a Grief Management Specialist, Grief Services Provider, Funeral Celebrant, and Laughter Leader.

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