‘In Conversation with’ Brendan Day

‘In Conversation with’ Brendan Day


In this special webinar we spoke to Brendan Day about how the UK bereavement sector is recognising the growing pressures to reduce the impact of memorials, funerals, and cremation upon the climate.

Guest Bio:

Brendan Day is highly regarded in the Death Care Sector across the UK and beyond. With an MBA from the University of Birmingham, Brendan now resides in Wales. Previously holding positions of ‘Bereavement Service Manager’, City of Cardiff Council, ‘Service Manager’, Sandwell Council, he is now the ‘Director’ of the Crematoria Abatement of Mercury Emissions Organisation and currently ‘Director’ of Green Cremation Network and ‘Secretary and Executive Officer’ of Federation of Burials and Cremation Authorities and acting as an advisor to a start-up company called Forever Mortal.

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