‘In Conversation with’ Annette Richards

‘In Conversation with’ Annette Richards


Parks Week, from 6-14 March is about hundreds of organisations across Australia and New Zealand acknowledging the vital role parks and open spaces play in creating liveable cities and thriving communities. The next guest in our “In Conversation with…” webinar series, Annette Richards, Parks & Open Spaces Program Manager at Aotearoa, will be joining us to discuss how spending time in our parks and open spaces (including cemeteries) can positively influence our wellbeing.

Watch this webinar to find out more about the benefits of green urban open space, the growth and social injustice issues we face today, the problems and opportunities we are presented with and how cemeteries fit into all this.

A parks and public places professional with over 20 years’ local government and central government experience in New Zealand, in both urban and rural settings, operational and strategic, Annette has a broad knowledge and experience base and would describe herself as a neo generalist with a passion for people and places. Annette’s purpose is to develop solutions that benefit people in innovative and different ways. She approaches her work strategically – always with energy, curiosity and vision. Annette believes her strength is bringing together diverse people, synthesizing ideas and practice. She is interested in addressing holistically, the big issues that confront us in order to shape a better future, with the goal of being a unifying, positive champion for our Parks & Open Spaces sector.

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