How Might We Reimagine the Future of Death Care?

How Might We Reimagine the Future of Death Care?


Dr Hannah Gould, Cultural Anthropologist from the DeathTech Research Team talks to us about the inaugural Redesigning Deathcare Conference, which will be hosted by the University of Melbourne on 27th-29th October 2022.

The conference aims to bridge the divide between research and practice at the end of life and death, through dynamic conversations about the challenges facing death care and how to build a better system.

People today are presented with ever-expanding choices around the end-of-life, but must navigate complex, fragmented systems of care that fail to provide equitable and meaningful outcomes. Deathcare is artificially separated into silos, organised around different stages (dying, death, commemoration, etc.), different professions (medical clinicians, funeral directors, counsellors, etc.), and academic disciplines (medicine, anthropology, law, etc.).

The program at Redesigning Deathcare is organised around four key challenges:

  • Demography
  • Environmental Crisis
  • Diversity & Justice
  • Technology


To learn more about the DeathTech Research Tean, visit their website.

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