Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Bereavement Services

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Bereavement Services

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In the UK we have over 600,000 deaths per annum and we have always recognised the need to provide a means for disposing of the dead which is both respectful and sanitary. Now we must add a third consideration, the environment. Each of us in the process which combines to dispose of the dead, from funeral director to crematorium provider to memorial supplier has a role to play.

In this webinar we hear from;

  • Steve Telford, UK Sales Manager with Facultatieve Technologies, who supply cremators to the UK and many other countries. With the rising concern over the carbon footprint of crematoria, Steve considers the various fuel types which can be used with cremators in addition to gas.
  • Howard Pickard is Managing Director of Resomation Ltd, he discusses water cremation and how this could be a greener substitute to traditional cremation.
  • Robert Meney is a member of the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer’s Association. The majority of burials and cremations take place in coffins produced by members of the FFMA. Robert explains what steps are being taken by the FFMA to support the growing call for a greener way of death.

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