How Science and Technology are Leveraging the Green Agenda

How Science and Technology are Leveraging the Green Agenda

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Environmental change is required in all aspects of our lives, from structural change to how we deliver services down to individual lifestyle changes. Our final environmental webinar in our 5 part series leaves us to ponder the role of science and technology and how we can facilitate these to create lasting change and adopt more sustainable death care management solutions.

OpusXenta’s Scott Storey leads us to consider the role of tradition in Death Care and examines the relationship between technology and the younger generation with regards to planning a funeral of a loved one. Ben Whitworth provides a scientific overview of the function of formaldehyde and proposes that it is not damaging the environment as we had originally thought. And finally, Professor Douglas Davies ends the series by reflecting on the relationship between nature and death care and the essential consilience required between science and technology and theology.

It has been a privilege to deliver this environmental webinar series in partnership with the FBCA and with some of the industries expert leaders. Let’s come together and make a change.

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