Contributing to Change Locally and Strategically

Contributing to Change Locally and Strategically

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On the 17th March 2021, OpusXenta and the FBCA presented the second in a series of webinars to focus on the impact that bereavement services are having on the environment. With over 75% of local authorities declaring a climate emergency, the sector is mobilising to benchmark the current position and develop action plans to address this global issue, and the formation of the Environmental Stewardship Group is just the first step.

Listen to this webinar recording where OpusXenta’s Scott Storey and Federation Executive Officer for the FBCA, Brendan Day, are joined by guests from the sector to discuss ways in which we can contribute to positive environmental change in the Bereavement Sector as detailed by the ESG (Environmental Stewardship Group).

Please feel free to share this link and information with your colleagues so that everyone is aware of the immediate challenges faced.

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