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Improved Booking Optimizes Operations for Any Crematory

byondcloud provides crematories with simple to use tools that make managing your crematory calendar easier.
February 19, 2021

As the need for cremations is rising, it’s more important than ever to optimize your crematory to improve your support for the community. According to the National Funeral Directors Association 2020 Cremation and Burial Report, it’s expected that COVID-19 will be responsible for another 200,000 deaths throughout 2021, but crematories have limited availability.

An average appointment at a crematory can last up to 3 hours, and funeral directors struggle to access facilities because of the antiquated systems and processes they use. Often, a Funeral Director needs to talk to crematory staff directly, and only during business hours, to find an available time and schedule that appointment.

However, with an online scheduling tool, crematories can remove some of those hurdles. With online scheduling, you’re able to digitize the cremation booking process and give Funeral Directors instant access to your schedule so they can easily book an appointment. Let’s take a look at some of the ways scheduling cremations online can streamline how you publish and manage your calendar.

Easily manage your crematory calendar and more

With your crematory’s schedule published online, you can expand your reach to other Funeral Directors in neighboring cities, forming new and valuable partnerships. Better yet, when you spend less time focused on your calendar, you can devote more time to giving your communities the comfort they require.

Online scheduling reduces the time and effort it takes to book services by allowing Funeral Directors to simply enter the details of a service request into a webform and submit it with only a few clicks. It really is that easy. All of your bookings will be immediately updated to a single screen that gives you all the critical information you need.

As you integrate cremation management with other facility operations, online scheduling tools can gather critical data from each cremation. Use this data to develop insights that improve reporting and further optimize required procedures while allowing Funeral Directors to advise families on what they can expect.

To learn about more opportunities to optimize your operations, please read “Tech at the Front Lines: How Technology can Address Changing Consumer Needs.”

Quote "With byondcloud, you get a centralized service to streamline booking and provide Funeral Directors with easy access to your schedule so that they can make arrangements online, anytime."

More than just a booking solution

As the premier online marketplace for the death care profession, byondcloud provides crematories with the tools they need to easily update and expand their digital presence. With byondcloud, you get a centralized service to streamline booking and provide Funeral Directors with easy access to your schedule so that they can make arrangements online, anytime.

byondcloud eases the burden of cremations with easy-to-use tools that help you simplify scheduling, publish your calendar online, and help approved funeral directors easily book services. By keeping your schedule always up-to-date, byondcloud provides constant clarity of your availability. At the same time, a simple, clean interface makes it easy for Funeral Directors to find and book your services.

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