byondcloud helps you transform the way you do business in a digital world

The digital world we live in is touching every type of product and service available. With the byondcloud business-to-business marketplace, you can now transact with your partners quickly and efficiently online at any time of the day or night.

Why a B2B Marketplace for Death Care

byondcloud helps you build out your digital transformation strategy.

Connected Industry

The death care industry is made up of many connected businesses such as cemeteries, funeral homes and stone masons. Having access to all your trading partners through a simple to use marketplace makes transacting a whole lot easier.

You also get to expand your offering through new and exciting partners that participate in the marketplace.

Better Customer Service

Delight your customers by giving them access to your products and services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Give your customers the convenience they expect, by offering the right combination of products and services while delivering a consistent quality of service at all times.

Higher Efficiency

Save time and money by giving your customers the ability to transact with you through the online marketplace at any time of the day or night without needing your telephones manned.

Let your team focus where it counts on spending more time with the customer as opposed to completing routine information capture and order taking.

byondcloud features

Some of the features that byondcloud provides include:

Use the marketplace stand alone or fully integrated to your management software including byondpro Cemetery Edition or byondpro Funeral Edition
Do online bookings for burials, cremations, chappels, function rooms
Easily find venues with availability at your preferred time
Upload documents and images online
Provides real time access to calendars for easy planning of funerals
Stone masons can submit applications for monument permits
Update documents and family/deceased information at any time
Receive real time updates on approvals and confirmations

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