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Before and After: Using CRM Tools for Aftercare Services

CRM tools in byondpro support funerals homes in assisting families after the service has ended, fostering relationships and making families feel valued.
December 9, 2020

“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Those words from the late great American poet Maya Angelou were likely not made in the context of customer service, but they hold true nonetheless.

It’s especially true in the funeral profession, where funeral directors have the opportunity, and the honor, of helping create celebrations of life that make families feel closer to their loved ones.

Extending those good feelings are also a main purpose of aftercare. Even if your funeral home doesn’t have an established aftercare program, you can harness the power of technology to help you assist families after the service has ended.

That means keeping in touch with existing customers. byondpro, a cloud-based operational software solution, can support this through its easy-to-use visual marketing automation tools. For example, you can send a survey to families after the service and follow up a few months later.

Funeral homes of any size can utilize the CRM tools in byondpro to foster relationships with families by automatically sending reminders about special events, remembrance services, grief support meetings, holiday programs, and more. By streamlining CRM tools, funeral homes may even consider adding aftercare services as a new revenue stream.

Other aftercare services could include

  • Connecting families with grief experts, books, or local support groups
  • Assisting families in finding contacts for estate planning
  • Providing information on memorialization products, such as fingerprint necklaces or memory books.


Even if your funeral home doesn’t have a dedicated aftercare associate or program, it’s important to recognize how important aftercare can be to customer retention. As the quote at the top reminds, customers remember how you make them feel. And checking in and letting families know you are still available to help can only engender goodwill and good feelings.

Quote "Even if your funeral home doesn’t have a dedicated aftercare associate or program, it’s important to recognize how important aftercare can be to customer retention."

Before and After

While considering how byondpro can assist with aftercare, know that it can also track pre-need contracts as well as new sales leads. Helping before the services are needed is just as essential as helping after. Both are essential parts of the funeral business.

One function in byondpro’s CRM can aid in both, which is important when you consider that aftercare outreach—generating that “feel-good feeling” among families—can turn into additional pre-need sales.

The ability to not only offer, but excel at, aftercare contacts and services is what can truly make a funeral home stand out and stick in the memory of those you serve. Making families “feel” special and valued both before and after they need your services—it’s a win-win for funeral directors and for families. Thankfully, technology is now available to make it even easier.

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