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Get a 360 degree view over your cemetery, crematorium or funeral home while efficiently managing your operations, building sustainability and delivering enhanced customer service through the use of our next generation Management Software

Changing Trends

Changing Trends

Stay ahead of the curve.

Customer behavior is changing every day. Today’s bleeding edge innovation will be tomorrow’s table stakes. OpusXenta's Cemetery and Funeral Home Management Software gives you the flexibility to customize and extend your business to create unique, differentiated customer experiences. Adapt fast, and stay ahead of changing customer buying patterns.



Build operational excellence.

Efficient and well managed operations ensure that your customers get the best service while also optimizing the use of your resources and saving on costs. 



Build for the future.

Innovating new revenue streams, managing the old ones and ensuring that there is operational efficiency will drive reserves and sustainability into your cemetery. The byondpro Cemetery Edition and the byondpro Funeral Edition software products augment your efforts with our technology and experience to help you execute on your strategy.



Easily manage compliance

Simplifying compliance management and change control. Prevent errors before they happen and make your processes inherently more robust while ensuring compliance with statutory audit controls and procedures.

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