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Help your operations team manage your cemetery gardens

The Garden Plants register allows you to track cemetery plants, their location and maintenance schedule.

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Screenshot of Garden Register Summary Screen in byondpro

Managing gardens and plants in cemeteries is a complex task often involving many different species and locations throughout the cemetery grounds. It requires a huge effort to keep track of information about these plants, their location, and the maintenance schedule.

The Garden Plants register is designed to:

Assist horticulturists maintain a listing of all their significant trees and plants.

Record the growing and flowering habits of the different species.

Capture the growth heights and span of significant trees

Record annual safety checks and trimming programs.

Associate plants and gardens with specific memorial locations.

Capture photographs of gardens and plants for future reference.

Help families visualize how a memorial for their loved one will look.

Give supervisors the ability to flag plants requiring maintenance and produce job lists.

Having everything recorded in a central place means full visibility for your entire gardening, operations and sales team.

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