A software solution for managing the "whole" cemetery & crematorium

byondpro Cemetery Edition comprehensively manages the operational, financial, compliance and mapping needs of the cemetery and crematorium while improving productivity, augmenting customer service and driving growth in revenue and profitability

Managed cemetery inventory

Inventory Management

Track and manage your memorial locations and inventory availability based on user-defined segmentation such as areas, religious groupings, and types across all your cemeteries, gardens, and parks.

Enhance your sales effectiveness with mobile-based sales tools, including interactive mapping.

Records Management

Protect the historical records of your cemetery (including documents and images), remain compliant with record keeping standards, and simplify the search for deceased data through the byondpro records management solutions.

Connect your digitized records to your deceased data, locations, living persons, and your mapping information to create a comprehensive and usable data resource.
Secure management of cemetery documents
Digital mapping using ESRI

Sales and Bookings

Manage your entire sales process from lead through to quotes, bookings, billing and after service follow up.

byondpro provides everything you need to prepare quotes, book services, generate invoices and take payments.

The booking and billing engine provides for both at-need and before-need transaction types with complete tracking of pre-need contracts and redemptions.

Digital Mapping

Map Everything !

Digital GPS enabled maps which is fully integrated to both your operational processes and your public facing services such as deceased search and schedule of services.

View everything and navigate to anything including inventory, points of interest, buildings, plumbing and electrical diagrams, flora and so much more.

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Digital mapping using ESRI

Deceased Search

Fully integrated deceased search for your website, kiosks and mobile applications with maps, images and location guides.

Marketing Automation

Engage with your community and markets to create new sales opportunities and to build your sales pipeline. See more ...

Document Automation

Simplify your document management processes and track customer engagement with your quotes, invoices, deeds and other important documents. See more ...

Schedule of Services

Provide service information through your website or at your cemetery through kiosks and chapel and venue displays.


Use the standard built-in reports and dashboards or create as many of your own as you need to get real time information about your operations. See more ...

Finance Management

Take advantage of the fully integrated byondpro financial components or we will integrate to your favorite solution to effectively manage the finances of your cemetery or crematorium.


byondpro includes a full featured CRM solution to mange your sales team, sales activities and pipeline while also providing you a powerful contact management solution.

Workflows and Escalations

Design the perfect workflows to match your business processes and build escalation rules to ensure on-time execution of workflow tasks.

Health and Safety

Reduce your risk liability and improve safety with our flexible health and safety component that tracks cases, risk factors, mitigation rules, and compliance processes.

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