Cemetery Community Edition

A light solution for the smaller cemetery and crematorium

If what you need is a simple to use yet effective mapping and record management solution then OpusXc provides the features and functions needed.

While keeping the system easy for you to use, it still provides a wealth of capability to:

  • Help you manage your cemeteries records
  • Ensure compliance with record keeping legislation
  • Provide the public with the ability to search your records and use the maps to find the location in your cemetery
  • Track your inventory status
Best of all, you can be up and running in minutes for as little as $15 per month.

And, if in the future you need more capabilities, you have a natural upgrade path to our industry leading OpusXi solution.


Visually map of all your memorial locations including graves, mausolea and ash placements.

Use your mapping to show your inventory availability and make i easy for the public to navigate their way to burial or memorial locations.

Show your points of interest in searchable maps to create interest in your cemetery and to provide the public with interesting insights to the history of your cemetery.

Take advantage of the advanced mapping capabilities without needing to incur expensive surveying costs.

Records Management

Comprehensively track all your records to ensure statutory compliance and ease of finding the right information as and when it is needed. The information trcked includes:

  • Burial and memorial locations
  • Rights of Interment / Burial Rights
  • Deceased persons
  • Exhumations
  • Documents and images


Quickly and easily get a snapshot of your inventory availability and track available, reserved and sold statuses.

Automatically update your inventory levels when locations are reserved or sold.

Use the mapping to provide an interactive view of your invemtory status across your cemetery or cemeteries.


Statutory compliance with record keeping legislation and the safe keeping of all paper based or digital records is critically important to any cemetery.

OpusXc, together with our extensive experience, enures that all the required information is provided for and you have the ability to extract the information you need for providing compliance reports.

Your data is also kept safe in a secure and fully managed cloud environment in your country of residence.


Most cemeteries have an exciting history about the area in which they are found and the residents that have lived near them.

Use the rich history of your cemetery to showcase your area and to provide ancestral information that creates public interest and attracts new customers.
OpusXi Cemetery Edition
Digital Mapping
Digital GPS enabled maps with deceased records attached for quick reference.
Records Management
Complete records management includes detail in regard to:
  • Rights of interment
  • Rights transfers
  • Deceased persons
  • Exhumation detail
Deceased Search
By providing a deceased search capability through your website or on-site kiosks, visitors can easily search for a deceased person and where they are located. The mapping system will provide them with directions to the location.
Inventory Management
Inventory management covers all types of memorial locations including:
  • Graves
  • Ash locations
  • Mausolea
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Remembrance walls
Track the status of each memorial location to assist your consultants and to provide customers quick and up to date information.
Points of Interest
Showcase the rich history of your cemetery including:
  • Famous or interesting people
  • Architecture through the ages
  • Notable structures
  • Botanicals
Provides maps of the cemetery with points of interest and includes information about them.  Allows visitors to search for these points of interest and provides directions to them.

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