Document Automation

Simplify, Automate and Manage

Now you can simplify the creation of documents and have them distributed, signed and returned without the time consuming processes you needed in the past.

This can also be done directly from within your ERP or CRM solution ensuring that every quote, contract or other document is delivered and that governance is maintained.


PandaDoc is built for companies looking for a proposal software that helps them grow faster and supercharge their sales success.

  • Powerful CRM Integrations
  • Template and Content Libraries
  • Industry-leading Analytics
  • eSignatures and Payments Processing


Save time and reduce errors during your contract management process with PandaDoc.

  • Create contracts inside your CRM
  • Streamline contract negotiation
  • Electronically sign contracts on any device


PandaDoc adds powerful CPQ functionality to every leading CRM Software.

  • Integrations with leading CRM platforms
  • Automated quote configuration
  • Reusable template libraries
  • Legally-binding electronic signatures
  • Secure credit card payments inside your quotes


  • ESIGN Act and UETA compliant
  • Sign on any computer or mobile device
  • Legally binding and court-admissible
  • No special software or hardware required to sign


Save time creating, completing, and filing your most important Human Resources documents with PandaDoc.

  • Streamline recruiting and onboarding documentation
  • Automate document completion and filing
  • Cut time spent on documents by 50%
  • Increase compliance to 100%
Panadoc document automation management
Electronic Signatures

Save time and boost your productivity with Electronic Signatures. Now you can send, sign, and approve documents faster than ever.

Legally Binding

Our Electronic Signatures are as legal and enforceable as hand-written ones. They’re compliant with both UETA and the Federal ESIGN Act, in addition to being recognized by many countries worldwide.


Close more deals faster from the comfort of your office or while on the go. Sign and approve documents anywhere, anytime. If you’re traveling for business, keep an eye on your ongoing deals and sign them with our mobile apps.


We use industry standard SSL encryption protocols to keep your information safe. Documents and metadata are stored in multiple locations with AES-256 encryption. Our automatic scheduled encrypted backups help keep your data safe.


If you often wonder about what happens to a document after it has been sent, then you will love the PandaDoc Insights. Get a notification every time your document is opened, read, or signed. You can also see detailed stats on how your recipient interacted with your document. The Dashboard will give you a bird’s-eye view of your documents’ activity.

Instant Notifications

PandaDoc sends you Instant Notifications every time the recipient views, forwards, or signs your document. You can get notified via email or push notifications on our mobile apps. Now it’s easier than ever to follow up with a prospect, when you know that they’re in front of their computers reading your document.


With Analytics you can now understand how your recipients are interacting with your documents. We offer detailed stats by page: when it was opened last, how many times it was opened for, and how much time the recipient spent reading it.

Central Dashboard

The PandaDoc Dashboard offers a high level overview of your overall documents activity. For any given period you can see how many documents were sent, pending approval, viewed by recipients, and completed. You can also see how many documents are being prepared currently by your team. The Dashboard offers a great overview of your team’s progress.

Seamless Editing

With PandaDoc you don’t have to switch between several tools to personalize, modify, and deliver your documents. Every quote, proposal, form, or contract can be edited in real-time.


Add text, images, videos, tables, payment forms, pricing tables, and more. Once you’ve added the necessary Blocks, you can customize each one of them in real-time. Each Block has a predefined style, so you don’t have to worry about formatting your document.


Prepare your documents for a client-facing interaction, by adding electronic signatures, initials, dates, checkboxes, dropdowns, and masked fields (for sensitive information). You can also upload a file inside the PandaDoc document.


Tokens are merge fields inside a document, that can be auto-populated with data from a database, like a CRM. This is a great way to personalize and customize your documents, while automating your daily tasks. It also eliminates the need to copy and paste information from various sources. That means no errors.


If you’re spending a lot of time editing and sending the same document over and over again, our Templates feature will come in handy. With Templates you can send the same document to a number of people, while generating a personalized version of that document for each individual recipient. All of that in just a few clicks.

Content Library

Populate your documents easily with approved pieces of content, such as: price quotes, disclaimers, legal boilerplate, T&C, client testimonials, and more. For instance, if your company updates its T&C, you don’t have to worry about sending documents with outdated terms.


When you set up specific Roles within a template, PandaDoc will auto-assign recipients to input, signature, and other interactive fields. Those Roles can be: client, decision maker, client’s lawyer, etc. For each Role you also have the option to allow or restrict document and signature forwarding.


Make a strong impression every time you send a document with PandaDoc. Our Theme Catalog allows to ensure branding consistency for every document that goes out.


With the Workflow feature you can easily define the lifecycle of each document, as well as add additional steps to it. Each document can be set up with a custom approval flow, signing order, and even payment requests.


You can set up an automated internal workflow to have documents sent for review to the designated approvers, before they’re sent out to the recipients. Documents can also be approved on the go with our mobile apps.

Signing Order

You can specify a custom signing order for multiple recipients, to sequence the document delivery accordingly. Each recipient who needs to sign will get a notification to view and sign the document, when it’s their turn.


With this feature you can collaborate on the documents both with colleagues and clients. You can even send a private message to a colleague. Each document gets an Audit Trail, where you can see a step by step history of all the changes that occurred within. You can also see when it was created, sent, opened, and signed.

Content Management

Easily distribute your content by departments, teams, projects, or specific groups of people with the Workspaces feature. Organize your content with Folders and Tags.


Stay organized and separate your content, workflows, and access permissions with the Workspaces feature. For example, you can have separate content Workspaces for various teams: HR, Sales, Marketing, Legal, etc.

Content Distribution

You can specify a custom signing order for multiple recipients, to sequence the document delivery accordingly. Each recipient who needs to sign will get a notification to view and sign the document, when it’s their turn.


One of the most convenient ways to organize and categorize your work is to use Tags. You can tag documents, templates, and content pieces. Each item can have multiple Tags. You can also easily search by Tags.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

PandaDoc includes robust CPQ functionality. Create reusable Catalog Items and include Dynamic Pricing tables inside your documents. With the Auto Calculate feature, you can handle discount, tax, and margin calculations with little effort.


PandaDoc lets you create reusable Catalog Items. Your saved Catalog Items will be auto-suggested as you type. For large catalogs, PandaDoc allows you to import and export data via CSV.

Optional Items

With PandaDoc’s CPQ, reps can offer optional items without the risk of slowing down the deal. Clients simply check or uncheck the optional item in the quote, and prices shift to reflect their selection. It’s a great way to offer upsells without any of the old-school back-and-forth.

Auto Calculate

Discounts, taxes, and margins are all auto-calculated within the pricing tables. PandaDoc helps to avoid costly errors within your quotes.

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