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'In Conversation With' Nancy Weil: Community Outreach: Free, Positive Publicity

'In Conversation With' Nancy Weil: Community Outreach: Free, Positive Publicity

29-07-2021 11:00 am -11:45 am
San Francisco, CA

Community Outreach: Programs to Get Your Funeral Home Noticed Without Breaking Your Budget

  • Front page article in the newspaper
  • Story on the evening news
  • Calls coming in to your funeral home months and years after an event

All of this is possible by planning the right event, getting media to cover it and utilizing the power of SEO to keep it going. Best of all, all of this can be done for no to low cost. Is your funeral home taking advantage of all the benefits community outreach programs can provide? Do you know how to select an event starting with the end point in mind? How do you build relationships with other organizations, create relationships with the media and build a database for future marketing? Is this even possible during a pandemic?

Our guest, Nancy Weil, has been running events like these for years and will share the three words that she lives by and that you will know how to get for your funeral home by the end of the program: Free, Positive, Publicity.

Guest Bio:

Nancy Weil is the Member Resources Director at the Order of the Golden Rule, an association for independent funeral homes. For the past ten years her monthly column has been featured in Funeral Home and Cemetery News. She has certifications as a Grief Management Specialist, Grief Services Provider, Funeral Celebrant and Laughter Leader. Nancy speaks across the country through her company, The Laugh Academy.


Please note, this webinar is on July 28th 2021, at 11am PST.

In Conversation with Lisa Herbert, author of The Bottom Drawer Book: The After Death Action Plan

In Conversation with Lisa Herbert, author of The Bottom Drawer Book: The After Death Action Plan

06-08-2021 10:30 am -11:30 am

August 8 is Dying to Know Day, an annual campaign to encourage people to start conversations about death. Do you know that around 50% of Australians and New Zealanders die without a valid will? Have you had a conversation about death with your loved ones? Do they know your wishes for your funeral, and do you know theirs? There are more things to think about than whether you want to be cremated or buried such as the type of farewell, who you want to be present, what you want to wear, elaborate casket or eco-friendly coffin, and who will manage your email and social media accounts after your death.

Our guest, Lisa Herbert, author of “The Bottom Drawer Book: The After Death Action Plan” will be talking to us about getting that conversation started and the importance of planning for the inevitable.

Guest Bio:

Lisa Herbert is a death literacy advocate, cemetery wanderer, journalist, and author of the funeral planning guide "The Bottom Drawer Book: The After Death Action Plan", an informative and light-hearted workbook for those who want to be prepared for the inevitable. .

Usually thought of as a dark subject, Lisa chose dad jokes and colourful and amusing illustrations to entice the reader into a world few are prepared for. Thousands of book sales later, Lisa has found that once the discussion begins, people open up and give their mortality some measured thought. All they need is someone to initiate the discussion and give them the information they need to make informed choices. .

And that's where The Bottom Drawer Book comes in. Its aim is to start an informed conversation