'In Conversation with' Connie Putnam: Donation – Gifts & Grievances

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Join us for this special event, where we will be chatting with Connie Putnam LIVE from the North Dakota Funeral Directors Association (NDFDA) convention.

Connie serves as a Regional Donor Development Manager for Dakota Lions Sight and Health. She formerly served as a Recovery Technician. Connie will share with us a bit about the donation process, the difference that a donation makes to the recipient, how funeral homes can honor donors, as well as how they can better work with their local eye and tissue organization.

About Connie

Connie began with Dakota Lions Sight and Health in September 2012 as an on-call Recovery Technician. This position has allowed her to have the continued opportunity to recover the gifts of sight and health to be shared with those in need.

As Regional Donor Development Manager, she is able to share information about donation opportunities, roles in donation, the organization she works for and how they contribute to this process by way of hospital in-services, promoting referral opportunities from Law Enforcement, EMS and Medical Examiner/Coroner team education and credit hours. She also consults with Funeral Directors in her service area to assist in meeting the needs of the families her organization serves, and to maintain positive relationships.

She is honored to be able to work with all types of situations and personalities, and her past experiences have enabled her to feel comfortable presenting/discussing donation and carrying out the mission of Dakota Lions Sight and Health. She is a Donor Family and truly shares a deeper sense of what donation means and how donation can help impact the lives of countless recipients, their families, our partners, and all of our communities. Let’s help each other as we really are all in this together!

Please note this webinar is Central US Time.

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Event Date 20-04-2021 11:00 am
Event End Date 20-04-2021 11:45 am
Location San Francisco, CA
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