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Effective marketing and communication activities build brand loyalty and drives customer engagement. With a changing industry landscape for cemeteries and crematoriums, YOUR strategy needs technology to simplify and automate these activities.

Consider some of these benefits by automating your marketing:

  • Post funeral communications to promote follow-on sales opportunities
  • Create customer journeys to increase pre-need sales
  • Keep families and friends up to date on deceased anniversaries to increase site visits
  • Simplify sales processes and increase sales by automating contact and quote follow-up
  • Easily manage regular community news, event and promotion updates
  • Build your contact base directly off your website and start a conversation with them


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OpusXenta are leaders in providing cemetery software solutions that are critical to the success of the cemetery's strategy while also assisting them in improving customers experience, reducing sales friction and driving revenue growth so that they can focus on their strategy and not the systems that underpin it.