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Byond Digital Mapping

Digital Mapping is a hot topic in the death care sector right now. So how do you know which solution is the right one for you?

OpusXenta have FREE mapping tools for smaller or low activity (historical etc.) cemeteries, through to advanced mapping tools with drone imagery and polygons for those with the budget and business requirement, all with website deceased search capability. The more comprehensive solutions being fully integrated into our Cemetery Management System. 

Before getting started, we recommend researching the relationships and technical support that is available to you from your provider; Are they a team or a single operator? Are they in-country and local to you? OpusXenta has developed comprehensive cemetery business systems to cater to the needs of the cemetery. Mapping is just one of these components. We also provide Grounds and Services Management tools, full Business System Technology with financials, Online Booking in the cloud, and so much more. 

We are the global experts in Cemetery technology solutions with the local in-country specialist teams that provide the support and guidance you need. 

We trust that this page, and its links to practical information, provides you with useful points to consider on your digital mapping journey and beyond. 

Your questions are a fabulous place to start the next conversation. Call John to chat about your own unique mapping (or any other cemetery business technology) needs.

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What You Need to Know About Digital Mapping

Through digital transformation, cemeteries can become more flexible, adaptable, and profitable—and digital mapping is the first step. In this eBook, you’ll learn what to look for in a digital cemetery mapping solution and how digital transformation can help move your business forward.

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The way people honor and remember the dead is always changing–and staying informed about emerging trends can help you evolve your cemetery business to meet a range of needs and expectations. Learn more about how being flexible and agile is critical for today’s cemetery operators–and how digital cemetery mapping allows you to adapt more quickly to meet the needs of customers.

10 Must-Have Features of Cemetery Mapping Software

Most cemetery managers agree: Paper-based records and locally-stored spreadsheets are difficult to update and share. Transitioning to a modern approach with cemetery mapping software can help you run a more productive, customer-centric business—but what should you look for in a solution? In our blog, we’ve rounded up our ten must-have features.