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Bookings Made Easy

Set up calendars online and allow approved funeral homes to book facilities and services any time—day or night. Review, approve, and manage bookings from within byondcloud.

Access Documents Faster

Manage your cemetery’s records, ensure legal compliance, gain faster access to documents, and track inventory status with just a few clicks in one flexible and expandable solution. Save time managing your internal processes.

Get a Detailed View with Digital Mapping

Showcase your grounds and increase community access with digital cemetery mapping. GPS coordinates and web-based tools make it easier to find points of interest. Provide your sales team with the right tools for helping families select preferred memorial locations.

Improve Ground and Service Management

Keep grounds and service operations running smoothly with online work orders and interactive lists. Review progress, ensure safety checks, and communicate necessary details to staff. Keep accurate records for incident tracking and reporting online or print to keep a paper record.

Keep an Eye on Endowment Funds

Track and manage all your endowment portfolios across funds and providers, track expenses and interest accumulations, and ensure delivery of compliance and contracted commitments. You will always know if there is a need to notify families of additional funds required.

Manage Masonry Permits Efficiently

Save time and ensure adherence to your compliance and design requirements while automating the application and approval process online.  Integrate your masonry permitting process into your grounds and service operations.

Expand Your Business

The byondcloud marketplace creates new business opportunities by opening your cemetery or crematory to new prospective trading partners, such as funeral homes, masons, flower stores, and others.

Critical Data for Crematories

Integrate cremation management with all other operations of your funeral home or cemetery. Gather critical data from each cremation to develop insights for effective report management and use the included tools for keeping track of details of remains.

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