Most Beautiful Cemeteries in the World

  In the modern world, we tend to think of death and beauty as incompatible. But a look at some of the most exquisite cemeteries around the globe should quickly convince any traveler otherwise. These 12 sites are no plain plots, but scenic sanctuaries—some guarded by grand trees or looking out over expanses of ocean. Sprawling Père Lachaise in...
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Cemetery Records Management - The Act, Compliance and Solutions

The Cemetery and Crematoria Act has a number of specific requirements for record keeping.  The Act requires that records be kept in regard to : ​ Deceased persons Interment details Cremation detail Holder of rights Rights transfers Next of kin, and Exhumations For the smaller cemetery, retaining such records is challenging as it is p...
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Worlds Weirdest Cemeteries

By default, cemeteries are unnerving places that tend to attract few tourists. However, for every plain Jane who prefers to go out with a slab of granite, an eccentric leaves her mark as part of a manmade barrier reef. For those types—and for tourists who want a slice of the zany macabre while traveling—they should consider any of the following cem...
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What Melbourne can learn from Scandinavian cemeteries

The point of this trip: To find out why… a) Scandinavian nations keep winning happiness polls, and; b) They are threatening to take Melbourne's 'most liveable city' title away from us. And we've discovered one clear discrepancy: Cemeteries. Green, open and peaceful, Ross and John have visited two cemeteries, both of which host picnics and various o...
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Underwater cemetery and dive site idea floated for Queensland's Gold Coast

People could spend their afterlife as part of an underwater cemetery memorial dive site on Queensland's Gold Coast, with the council floating the idea of building a submerged resting place for burial urns in the city's Broadwater. The idea is based on the Neptune Memorial Reef in Florida in the United States and it is hoped the ocean-bed cemetery w...
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The hanging coffins of Sagada, Philippines

​ Members of the Igorot tribe of Mountain Province in northern Philippines have long practised the tradition of burying their dead in hanging coffins, nailed to the sides of cliff faces high above the ground. Comfortably predating the arrival of the Spanish, the procedure can probably be traced back more than two millennia. To this day, the age-old...
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Record keeping challenges for small cemeteries

All cemeteries are required to ensure their historic and current records are maintained, managed and protected. These records provide a unique insight into the communities , culture and history around a cemetery. Primarily cemeteries are required by regulation to maintain records related to their grounds; be they death records, location, maintenanc...
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