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Adopting a Customer First Strategy to Aid Expansion

GreenAcres, as it is known today, has been in existence for four years, initiated as part of an investment by its parent company, Darwin, who recognised that there was the need for a more customer-focused approach to the bereavement sector and death care. GreenAcres provides a natural, modern alternative to the traditional funeral and ongoing memor...
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Announcing Geelong’s First Pregnancy and Infant Loss Memorial Garden

Geelong's first Pregnancy and Infant Loss Memorial Garden was opened by Geelong Cemeteries Trust on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day on Friday, 15th October 2021. The garden, located at Geelong Memorial Park, is dedicated to local families who have suffered pregnancy loss in the hope that it will assist their grieving process. The garden i...
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The Importance of Burial Grounds in Urban Areas

Respecting and mourning the dead appropriately continues to be an essential part of modern culture. Regular access to burial grounds is crucial for all, even those who live in the depths of big cities. It is vital there are enough churchyards, cemeteries, and burial grounds that are accessible to everyone. However, a lack of space and availability ...
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“Why Haven’t We Asked for That Before?” How Technology Helps Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY

About Forest Lawn Forest Lawn Cemetery is one of the first deliberately designed and professionally landscaped rural cemeteries in the United States, with its first burial in 1850. With 269 acres, it houses a permanent population of more than 165,000. The all-faith cemetery is on both the New York State and National Registers of Historic Places; it...
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What space is there for technology in a sector which is all about the human touch?

Most of us can recollect a time where human touch was the most important element of a buying experience. Whether it was the friendly realtor that helped seek out the perfect property, or the wedding consultant that found a dress that ticked every single box. Or, perhaps the funeral director whose personal care and attention to detail really helped ...
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5 Things That the Modern Service Provider Needs To Deliver in Bereavement Services

Finding the most fitting ways to help a grieving family to commemorate the life of a recently deceased loved one continues to be the top priority for modern service providers in the death care sector. With the increasing adoption of technology in everyday life and ever-shifting attitudes in society, it is no surprise that a sector known for its slo...
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Where Memories Live Forever: Ferncliff Uses Technology to Streamline Processes

When Ferncliff Cemetery, a non-profit and non-sectarian cemetery in Hartsdale, NY, was founded in 1902, it was probably impossible to imagine what life would look like some 120 years later. It's likely the founders of the cemetery would have never envisioned technology playing such a role in day-to-day business. Still, Ferncliff, located about a ha...
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How Digital Mapping Became an Essential Tool for Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries

James Meyrick, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries (NMC), is passionate about implementing innovative technology solutions to create excellent customer experiences across their five cemeteries in NSW. For NMC, James tells us that digital mapping has gone from a 'nice to have' feature to an essential cemetery feature...
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Cemetery Mapping: Free Mapping Tools Mean It Doesn't Have To Be Out Of Reach

There is no denying that technology has helped improve the death care experience, both for the family and friends of the deceased but also for those working in the industry. But perhaps one of the areas where such innovation has been most transformational is in the area of cemetery mapping. Traditionally, cemetery layouts and inventory have been re...
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Unlock Your Business Potential: Why Comprehensive Reporting is Important

In any cemetery or crematory, having a comprehensive overview of your business is essential to maintaining a sustainable operation. Whether you need a snapshot of your financial position or projections for the year ahead, an indicator of the current state of company assets, or need to ensure regulatory compliance, there are many reasons why bu...
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The Changing Sales Process in the Death Care Industry and the Importance of Personal Relationships

Over the past year and a half, we have seen COVID-19 force massive changes in how people and businesses interact. For funeral directors, working in a profession deeply dependent on interpersonal exchanges, the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic and the reduced mobility of their clients induced sweeping changes in how we conduct funerals, upen...
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Records Management Made Easy: The Benefits of Digitizing Your Records

Records are at the heart of every cemetery and not only provide an invaluable window into the past but are critical to planning and managing its future. In an increasingly tech-driven world, digitization transforms the way we record, manage and track data, and burial records are no exception. Digitizing burial records is not a new concept, and the ...
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CRM Systems and the Funeral Industry

By Dylan Nells A Funeral Director with over 30 years of experience delivering services for families and communities was asked what he thought about computer systems in the Funeral Industry, and this is his reply. Let me share a story.  Our special treat used to be a meal and stay over at our favorite restaurant in the Lake District. Every meal...
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Stress Relief: Maintaining Balance Between Laughter and Grief

Stress is inevitable. It's been a common theme throughout the course of the pandemic and is certainly felt by those in the funeral and death care industry. Nancy Weil, a leading authority on the relationship between humor and grief, offers advice for funeral directors in her recent webinar with OpusXenta. Nancy is the Membership Director for the Or...
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Cremations in the Digital Era

How Technology and Digitally Native Consumers are Driving Changes in the Cremation Sector  Cremations are increasingly becoming the preferred option when it comes to funeral planning in the UK, with over 78% of people now choosing this method over a traditional burial. The changing dynamic of modern culture, a step away from more religious pra...
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The Funeral Director: Dozens of Jobs in One Career

Event planner, counselor, florist, entrepreneur… what role doesn't a funeral director play? As this past year has taught us, funeral professionals are an invaluable and essential part of our public health infrastructure and society. While their tireless, physically, and emotionally punishing work often goes unnoticed, funeral directors and morticia...
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Final Disposition, Final Impact: Death Care Industry Collaborates to Combat Climate Change

Imagine taking a subject most people don't want to talk about—death—and pairing it with a subject many people know little about—climate change. That's the conundrum facing the death care profession as this century advances. The health of the planet is top of mind, but so too is the solvency of funeral homes, crematoriums, and cemeteries amid this g...
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It’s Time for a Digital Transformation in the Death Care Industry

The world has changed. We work from home, attend school from home, shop from home, and stream movies at home. Online activities have increased in quantity and popularity. "For all of us everywhere, what we did and the way we did it just twelve months ago is going to look… significantly different today," says John Haley, Customer Success & Acqui...
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Improved Booking Optimizes Operations for Any Crematory

As the need for cremations is rising, it's more important than ever to optimize your crematory to improve your support for the community. According to the National Funeral Directors Association 2020 Cremation and Burial Report, it's expected that COVID-19 will be responsible for another 200,000 deaths throughout 2021, but crematories have limited a...
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Digital Divide? How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Cemetery Business

Papers getting lost on desks. Updates being overlooked. Mistakes made due to poor handwriting. All are unacceptable in the cemetery business. And yet, unfortunately, they can happen. Reducing those errors, however, is possible by using technology. Implementing digital transformation tools for your grounds and service management (GSM) team could be ...
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