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Worlds Weirdest Cemeteries

cemetery-greyfriars-cemetery Source: Pxl Eyes

By default, cemeteries are unnerving places that tend to attract few tourists. However, for every plain Jane who prefers to go out with a slab of granite, an eccentric leaves her mark as part of a manmade barrier reef. For those types—and for tourists who want a slice of the zany macabre while traveling—they should consider any of the following cemeteries:

The Merry Cemetery 

Friendliest cemetery in the world Source: Wikipedia

 If you're more of a "celebrate the life, don't mourn the death" type of person when it comes to someone passing away, this is the place for you. Found all the way in the small town of Sapanta, Romania, this cemetery is noted for its cheery disposition.

The crosses are made out of hand-painted wood and typically feature a vivid portrait along with a memorable epitaph of the deceased. The tradition started about 80 years ago and, since then, around 800 "merry" crosses have been added.

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