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Victorian Cemetery Grants are closing soon


Is your cemetery struggling with declining revenue? If you are located in Victoria? You may be eligible for the Department of Health Cemetery Grant. Applications are offered twice a year with the next round of applications due 31st October 2018.

What you need to do:

Review the grant information here.

You will see the Department of Health identify their priority areas as cemeteries who do not have the funds available to conduct such works themselves. High priority issues are considered significant structures and issues that might pose a risk to the safety of cemetery staff and the public such as fences and trees. Operational equipment is considered a low priority.

The grant cannot be used for expenses already incurred, applications and funding must be approved before work is commenced.

What you can (and cannot) apply for

Check your cemetery meets the criteria and the nature of your grant fits into the scope provided. You can apply for assistance in:

  • Potential public safety issues such as damaged walls
  • Tree removal assuming there are no heritage restrictions
  • Health and safety training
  • Construction or repairs of carparks, driveways, fences, gates, pathways, roads, sheds and garages, toilets, etc
  • Construction of new burial areas
  • Grave covers and shoring equipment
  • Computer hardware and software: purchase of a computer, all-in-one printer / fax / scanner and relevant software.
  • Purchase of garden tools, lawnmowers and fuel, paint, poison, tanks and watering systems.

Remember these grants do not cover assistance to repair or restore memorials, monuments or plaques. Nor will normal operating expenses for the cemetery such as wages and ongoing ground keeping and other maintenance be eligible.

As you would expect there are also funding conditions associated with the grant, full information is on the website.

How to apply

Complete the relevant documentation which will include:

Remember when completing these documents to be as clear and concise as possible. Provide all the information requested and keep to the criteria and guidelines.

The Assessment process

Applications are assessed by a selection panel on multiple criteria including if they align with the grant objectives. The extent to which the application will benefit the cemetery and the surrounding community and the extent to which the cemetery has demonstrated support from their community. The financial need and Accounts status of the Trust.

OpusXenta is not associated with or involved in the grant process but we are aware that many cemeteries are struggling with declining revenue and this can impact the funds available to spend on maintaining your cemetery.

See the full details at the Department of Health, and download the form here. 

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