Using CRM to improve the business and retain customers

Using CRM to improve the business and retain customers

​A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a game changer for businesses as it allows a total business overview of resources, data and customers. It enhances productivity as data is centralised so there are no individual silos and it can be accessed by the entire team. Managers can also report across their team/s and review activity and results where and when they need to. All this means more analytics, information and organisation to put your business one step ahead of the competition.

Manage and provide transparency for your data; with a single repository for all your data avoiding duplication, helping to identify errors and missing data. With all your data in one place analysing and reporting on this data is easy.

Manage team activity; CRM uses teams (Sales, Marketing, Finance, etc) to ensure users have access to the information they need through Dashboards providing an instant snapshot of their KPIs. Managers have full transparency of their teams and can instantly report on their activity, successes and failures. CRM's integrated calendars can also track tasks and events for teams or individuals and generate automatic reminders when tasks are due or overdue.

Grow sales; imaging being able to see your entire company pipeline, the status of sales, last contact made, forecast close date and total value. No more secrets or surprises with the sales teams; you can review all activity and results and ensure you are growing your sales and increasing targets and managing expected revenue.

Customer relationships; identify how active your customers have been, when did you last contact them, are they reading your newsletter, and much more. You can also use various metrics to see how happy your customers are and when intervention may be required – helping you retain your customers. You can also identify your top customer and ensure they are managed appropriately. Whilst also having a record of their history (of sales, contact, and communication) allowing you to focus specifically on their needs. With all this information in CRM you are no longer reliant on a single Account Manager or Sales Executive to provide this information. 

Business Intelligence and Reporting; all of this means better reporting and Business Intelligence for your company allowing you to identify what works, what doesn't giving your business an advantage. CRM comes with the most popular reports and dashboards out of the box or you can easily customise reports and share these throughout the business.

Customer and Prospect Engagement; by taking advantage of the integrated marketing automation capabilities, you can take your prospects and customers through best of breed journeys while tracking their engagement with your business and in so doing improve the experience that they have with your business, increase lead rates and shorten sales cycles. 

By empowering every individual to build extraordinary customer relationships, OpusXenta transforms the enterprise. Our powerful, adaptable, affordable products are made for the way your business runs today, leveraging a world of information and opportunity. With all the complexities businesses face, we make the choice of customer relationship solutions (CRM) simple.


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Thursday, 24 September 2020

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