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University of Melbourne Survey: COVID-19 Challenges to the Death Care Sector

We recently held a webinar with Samuel Holleran and Fraser Allison, who are both involved in multiple research projects focusing on Death Care and community relationships with death at the University of Melbourne. This webinar, along with several other webinars OpusXenta have recently hosted, can be found here if you are interested in listening to any of them.

As part of their ongoing project, Melbourne University's Death Tech Research Team, a group that looks at the intersection of death, technology, and society, is currently conducting a brief survey that examines the Australian death care sector's response to COVID-19.

They are particularly interested in how this unprecedented event has affected front-line funeral directors, celebrants, cemetery workers, and others. The goal is to gain first-hand accounts of the pandemic (to date) and to make recommendations for improving the resilience and governance of the death care sector.

The team at Melbourne University would welcome your input. The survey is brief and should take no longer than 10 min to complete. 

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Thursday, 21 October 2021

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