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Should You Be Concerned About Cemetery Legislation

Who needs cemetery software to manage their cemetery records? You've been running your cemetery operations just fine without it and it's too expensive to implement anyway.


Well you may want to consider!

As you are aware, there are many legislative requirements for cemetery management which vary from one jurisdiction to the next. It is time consuming to remain compliant and time is money. Non-compliance with cemetery regulations and legislation can be extremely costly resulting in government fines and hefty legal fees.

Remaining Compliant with Cemetery Legislation

A time consuming part of remaining compliant with legislation can be producing reports for the government. Doing this manually can take days or weeks to complete. Also, audits occur from time to time, which include showing the auditor where all your records are kept and answering his/her questions. All of this time costs money in time and wages. Time and money that you could better spend elsewhere in running your cemetery.

Cemetery software that is properly updated with all cemetery records, can save you a lot of heartache, not to mention expense. In addition, having all your cemetery records in the software makes it easier to clean up past records that may contain errors or duplicates.

Costs of Non-compliance with Cemetery Regulations and Legislation

You hear about this in the news all the time: a cemetery buried someone in the wrong site and the family has gone to the press, or worse still, they are suing the cemetery. Cemetery software that has all cemetery records entered, including the handwritten ledgers, can easily prevent these errors and all the costs involved.

Given the nature of our business, families are coming to cemetery offices in a very emotional state. Any errors made can lead to bad press, which can affect sales significantly. If the family sues, emotional damages will likely be included which are difficult to measure and may lead to a large settlement. Fixing the errors also involves significant costs, not only the staff's time to re-inter the deceased, but probably high external costs for professional disinterment, etc.

Another aspect of non-compliance involves fines from the government. Government legislation and associated fines vary from region to region, so consult your local legislation for what applies to your cemetery. However, building your local cemetery legislative requirements into your cemetery records management can solve a lot of issues and costs in the long run.

Return on Investment for Cemetery Software

We invite you to take a good look at the time and money you spend in a typical year with accessing records, providing information to the government and the actual and potential costs of non-compliance of to your cemetery operation. Then take a look at cemetery software and the costs.

You'll be surprised to discover that investing in cemetery software can prevent costly errors which impact your cemetery operations and save you a significant amount of money.

Staying Up-to-Date on Cemetery, Crematoria and Funeral Home Industry Government Regulations

Increasingly state cemetery, crematoria, and funeral home associations are dedicating workshops and panel discussions to government regulations of the industry. We remain in contact with the associations to ensure that the software is continuously enhanced to cater for new legislative requirements.


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