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New year, new you ... What about your cemetery management software?


Welcome to 2018 – in a new year we cannot help but reflect on the year that has been and what we could do better. How did your cemetery or crematoria solution work for you and your business in 2017?

Have you reviewed your cemetery mangement software solution recently, or are you still working with disparate Excel or Word files or even a hard copy system? Does your cemetery or crematorium have everything you need to manage and grow your business? Would a better solution help save you time, avoid double handling of records, errors and duplications?

Managing cemeteries and crematoriums requires unique functionality in an industry that is like no other. It is also a rapidly changing industry that has seen a huge growth in interest in historic graves and genealogy. With this renewed interest there is a growing expectation that cemeteries be online and available for deceased searches and general enquiries anywhere anytime – is your cemetery keeping up and meeting expectations?

What functionality is required in your cemetery management software for a modern cemetery or crematoria in 2018?

Digital Mapping

More than just a pretty picture digital GPS enabled maps with deceased records attached for quick reference provide a visual map of all your memorial locations including graves, mausolea and ash placements. This is invaluable information for managing your site and will assist with enquiries regarding location of ashes and graves.

Records Management

Comprehensively track all deceased records to ensure statutory compliance and ease of finding the right information as and when it is needed. Complete records management includes details of:

  • Deceased persons
  • Exhumations
  • Rights of interment
  • Rights transfers

Deceased Search

Provide deceased search capabilities through your website or on-site kiosks; visitors can easily search for a deceased person and where they are located. The digital mapping system will then provide them with directions to the location. With the thriving interest in genealogy this information could provide more visitors to your cemetery or at least your cemetery website.

Inventory Management

Track your inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries for all types of memorial locations:

  • Ash locations
  • Graves
  • Mausolea
  • Remembrance walls
  • Trees and shrubs

Manage and track the status of each memorial location to assist your team and to provide customers quick and up to date information.

Points of Interest

Showcase the rich history of your cemetery including:

  • Architecture through the ages
  • Botanicals
  • Famous or interesting people
  • Historic or notable structures

These Points of Interest are displayed on your digital maps and include information about each site allowing visitors to search for these locations and get directions to find them.

Is your current solution providing all this for your business? The new year is a great opportunity to reconsider and review if now is the time for change. With the increased interest in family histories and growing 'cemetery tourism' a modern solution could help your cemetery capture a new audience and in turn may offer new revenue streams. Another significant benefit of a modern solution is it would ensure your data is secure, backed up and available for future generations. 

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