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Why Cemeteries Need Management Software

As modern technology advances, cemeteries worldwide are relying on new software to help run everyday business operations. Cemetery software is very beneficial to both cemetery employees and visitors, as it helps manage cemetery records and locate gravesites in a faster and more efficient manner. By adopting these 21st century practices, your cemetery can save both time and money.

Quick record searches

If you are still using handwritten or excel spreadsheets to manage cemetery records, think about how much time is spent searching through those records. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with traditional management methods because it takes so long to perform one simple task. Having a customer relationship management (CRM) software program with a user-friendly interface allows for a simple, organized input that is customized to your cemetery's needs. With CRM, authorized users can pull up a record in seconds by simply typing in the name of a person buried in the cemetery. Imagine how much time and money this can save for both your cemetery and office staff.

Easy navigation to gravesites

Locating a specific gravesite can be overwhelming for both yourself and cemetery visitors if you are still using hand-drawn maps. First, you have to search through records, and then use a printed map to determine the gravesite location. You may often even end up spending hours walking through the cemetery and reading hundreds of headstones with a visitor in an effort to find their loved one. Cemetery mapping software saves much stress in this area: Cemetery staff and visitors can type in the name of the loved one they are searching for on their cell phone, tablet, or any other GPS-enabled device, and a digital map will guide them step-by-step to the gravesite.

Secure records

Another fear all cemetery owners and managers face is the lack of record security. If your cemetery is still operating by pen and paper, what happens if there is a fire or flood in your office? You could lose most—if not all—cemetery records and maps, resulting in months of work to rewrite records and remap the entire cemetery. If you are using Microsoft Excel, what happens if that file is stolen, your computer fails, or an angry employee deletes your spreadsheet? If you use a cemetery information management system, you can back-up all of your records and control who has access to the data. Additionally, choosing a cloud-based cemetery program that is PCI and HIPAA compliant guarantees that all data is kept private and protected from disaster.

In conclusion, cemetery software offers a variety of benefits for your cemetery. With online record management and mapping, cemetery staff is able to manage and locate records and graves much faster and more efficiently, saving your cemetery time and money. Your employees will have time available to accomplish more tasks throughout the workday, and you no longer have to worry about uncontrollable events such as fires and floods interrupting your cemetery's operations.


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