Is Document Automation Right For You?

Is Document Automation Right For You?

Are you an organization wanting to reduce the time spent performing manual administrative tasks, so you can be free to focus on doing work that matters most to you? Well document automation might be the tool for you.

Document Automation is perfectly suited to work processes that have lengthy or complex documents that contain both static and variable content, such as contracts, deeds, quotations and proposals.

The risk in making errors when cutting and pasting the variable content manually can be costly to both time and income, not to mention potential loss of reputation. Organisations therefore tend to divert quality time dotting the i's and crossing the t's with such documents. There's usually a waterfall process of getting third parties to review important documents to check for content accuracy. Depending upon how many sectors of the business the document draws information from, can be the number of people called upon to input and/or edit the final piece. The whole process can be lengthy and troublesome and involve conflicting information that creates errors.

Document automation allows the custom design of documents with functionality and rules that guide the administrator through the whole edit process. This ensures all areas of the document that require edit are populated accurately. By customising the automation process, information can be pulled from other sources and be cross-referred. This increases accuracy and reduces proof reading time.

In addition to auto population of content, the use of document automation means there is a consistent style in all of your professional documents, regardless of who is editing them. This is particularly useful in organisations with shared-labour or frequent use of temporary employees.

Where the information required to populate the document cannot be drawn automatically from another file, rules can be pre-set that guide the administrator through a set of questions and validation stages. The flexibility to use the system as best suits you is what makes the tool so valuable.

Document automation can be combined with smart forms to open a simple channel of communication that is easy to understand and use. It can also push data into existing CRM and line of business applications and automate document generation with data transformation.

The main purpose of document automation is to improve efficiency, increase accuracy and reduce risk. Design your own templates, streamline your administration process and delight your customers.

If you would like to know how Document Automation will help your business, call OpusXenta for an obligation free conversation 1300 994 853.


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