Investing in the right software saves time and money

Software has evolved over the last two decades to become a vital part of any modern business.

When revenues run into the millions in growing organisations, you can see that investment in software is crucial to success. But this leads to an increased pressure on businesses to ensure that the investments they are making are strategically aligned with business plans. Choosing a business management solution becomes even more important for businesses that are growing and expanding rapidly.

How do you choose a product that will remain useful in 10 years?

The perfect fit?

Often businesses can spend too long trying to find the perfect fit to cover every need. It is very unlikely that any off-the-shelf product will suffice, and even if they did, would every aspect actually be used? Only around 40 per cent of the implemented functionalities of many systems are actually used – because it fails to answer the business need and is often incompatible with existing systems.

So what is the answer? Simplicity and fast adoption by users is key. A solution that covers 80-85 per cent of your functional needs is better than trying to solve everything at once.

The standard solution

Opting for a standard solution that ships with some pre-packaged business processes from the outset significantly lowers the implementation time and cost, providing a faster ROI. This method allows you the flexibility and breathing space to assess the integration of a business wide solution or ERP system and plan for your future evolution.

Future proof your business

Businesses with an effective business solution that provides usable and accessible data will be the ones that perform best. Ultimately, by building the solution organically, growing businesses stand a much better chance of future-proofing their business.


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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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