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How Technology helps the cemetery and crematoria industry navigate change

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In our previous blog we talked about why the cemetery and crematoria industry needs to change to embrace the changing face of the customer and the digital world.

In this "part 2" we will explore how this can be done by understanding what pieces of the puzzle need to be considered and which technology components provide the solutions. 

The above pieces are each part of a comprehensive solution for business in the industry. In most instances business is already involved in each piece; advertising, marketing, sales, financials, etc. All this information is probably held in disparate systems that my not talk to each other and may have very limited reporting information available overall. But the pieces are there and are being utilised.

Let's go on a journey as illustrated below and see how each block comes into play; we start with a lead / prospect who may have heard about your business, they go to a website and complete an online form, this goes to the sales team who make contact. Assuming the order is placed then Accounting needs to invoice and then Operations needs to arrange the order. Ideally at the conclusion of the order a Salesperson would make contact to get feedback which would be passed to Customer Service. Typically each piece of the puzzle is a manual process with little transparency throughout the journey. 

Below you can see how the digital journey works starting with the Lead Prospect clicking on an ad, going to a website and completing a web form. An alert is sent to the Salesperson regarding a new opportunity, this opportunity has already been set up in the Cemetery Management system and once the opportunity is 'sold' an invoice can be generated automatically. The digital process is automated, visible by all areas of business and can be easily reported on.  

Now we have all the pieces together and integrating as you see below:  

Image of the sales process starting detailing each section: Social and Ad Networks, Marketing Automation, Cemetery Management and Finance, CRM and over it all Business Intelligence and Reporting

Our solution now also has comprehensive business intelligence and reporting with the ability to generate a wealth of information on all aspects of the business. The below reporting dashboard is an example of an out of the report from the Cemetery Management system.

This information can help you make better informed decisions for your business, saves time in report running and reconciliation and ultimately allows you to deliver better service. Uniquely placing your business against the competition.

For some practical examples how the pieces of the puzzle help the cemetery and crematoria industry keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs.

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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