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How Business Analytics can breathe life into your cemetery or crematorium business

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How can you utilise your data to gain new insights into your cemetery or crematorium business? Are you getting the information you need to make better business decisions? Do you know your top selling products, sales revenue trends or where your customers are coming from? 

The more information you have the better you can hone your businesses sales and customer service skills to meet your audience and deliver better services. But for many businesses data is kept in disparate systems which do not integrate and therefore do not allow for comprehensive reporting across all data silos. For these businesses, they are not breathing any life or new information into their processes or systems. By embracing and analysing your existing data you can make effective business decisions that drive productivity, profitability and improve customer service – and most importantly you can report and track your progress. And all of this can be done in an instant.

Bring your data to life

The right Business Analytics or Intelligence solution will help transform your company's data into rich easy to understand visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you and your business. The data you may currently be reviewing in Excel or other programs can be transformed instantly to reveal new comprehensive insights into how your business is performing. Combining data from all your Departments – from Finance to Operations, to Sales enables each area to be profiled, trends identified and improvements planned.
In minutes you can start creating personalised dashboards and reports on your data using easy natural language and drag-and-drop gestures to find answers to your most important questions and probably discover a few things you didn't know about your business.

Instantly identify how popular your products and services are, and the revenue these bring into your business. Are there any key differences in demographics and preferences for products and services? With the changing expectation that Millenniums are bringing to the industry do you need to change your sales style based who you are selling to? There is no one style fits all when it comes to farewelling and remembering a loved one. Having this information at hand means your sales and customer service team are better equipped to respond to queries and assist customers and provide a tailored response to best suit your customers. 

Your whole business on one dashboard – easy to see, easy to understand

 A single dashboard can provide a whole of business overview – and allow you to drill into the detail behind the data shown. Monitor all Departments to see how they are tracking against budget or performance criteria. Compare office locations overall or by Department and identify differentiators in business management, patronage, or preference. Share these reports easily with your colleagues, and track changes in these reports over time to see how your business is progressing.

Analytic dashboards can be personalised so every member of your team can see the information most relevant to them or their Department.

Making better business decisions 

Business Analytics, business intelligence and reporting generate a wealth of information on all aspects of your cemetery and crematorium business. This knowledge allows you to make informed decisions to benefit your business and track your results. Knowing your customers and their preferences give you an edge when selling and ensure you are providing the most relevant information and options for your customers.

This information all provided in real time and quickly and can help you make better-informed decisions for your business, save time in report running and reconciliation and ultimately allows you to deliver better service. Uniquely placing your business against the competition. 

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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