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How a Gardener's Register can Help with Cemetery Operations

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Managing gardens and plants in cemeteries is a complex task often involving many different species and locations throughout the cemetery grounds. It requires a huge effort to keep track of information about these plants, their location, and the maintenance schedule. Imagine having a Gardener's Register to assist cemetery horticulturists, and your gardening team to manage your grounds. 

Such a register would allow horticulturists the ability to record growth and flowering habits of the different species of plants, their performance results, and capture photographs for future reference, therefore creating a detailed record of each specific plant within the grounds and their location. With significant trees, a register would allow the gardening team to capture growth heights and span information and record their annual safety checks and trimming programs.


Roses and shrubs play an essential role not only in beautifying cemetery grounds but also in providing families with memorialization options. Maintaining a Gardener's Register allows your cemetery to associate plants back to specific memorial locations in the gardens. 

Meaning your Sales Team can see a set location in the grounds, it may be a rose bed or even a specific rose for future memorialization. A Gardener's Register would detail the type of rose with photos in full summer flower, which the Sales Team can use to help families visualize their tribute even in the depths of winter. It would also show the surrounding plants, trees, and features within the cemetery gardens.


You would also be able to manage your garden activity planning like pruning and replacement programs by giving the Gardening Team. Identify and flag plants requiring general or seasonal maintenance and produce job lists for the team. Allowing the gardening team to plan seasonal planting, and where possible companion planting to maximize the location of certain species of plants. Keeping all this information in a single register means your outdoors team can also create reports on popular plants and areas within the grounds, and see how well each plant is coping with their position and how much you are spending on maintenance.

A Vital Tool for Your Cemetery 

A Gardener's Register can provide vital information and assist cemetery operations by tracking data on plant species, locations, growth patterns – it can track as much or as little information as you need. Having all this information in a central place means full visibility for the entire gardening and operations team, and helps you report on the successes and failures of planting. Allowing the accumulated knowledge of your experienced gardening to be recorded. 

It can also provide detailed information for your Sales Team to assist them in locating available plots and describing surrounding plants and trees. And allows your cemetery to plan for any plant 'health' issues and to identify those plants which may, in certain extreme weather, need particular care.

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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