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Digital Divide? How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Cemetery Business

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By Lucy Sanchez

Papers getting lost on desks. Updates being overlooked. Mistakes made due to poor handwriting. All are unacceptable in the cemetery business. And yet, unfortunately, they can happen.

Reducing those errors, however, is possible by using technology. Implementing digital transformation tools for your grounds and service management (GSM) team could be a dream come true—not just for them but for your entire staff and customers as well.

Your GSM team works hard and has a ton of responsibility. Aside from the demanding physical work of opening, closing, and maintaining graves, there's a lot of preliminary paperwork they must use to ensure their job is done accurately.

But paperwork itself can introduce a margin of error. Add the stress of the pandemic, and the odds of mistakes happening can increase. That's why it's an ideal time to implement software, such as a comprehensive cemetery management solution with a fully integrated GSM module, to improve efficiencies, reduce errors and manage cemetery maintenance.

A Most Valued Team 

While GSM teams are essential to cemetery management, they are often behind-the-scenes from a customer standpoint. Their hard work, valuable time, and attention to detail are often invisible to families, but their work ensures the experience is positive and memorable. Implementing technology can make the GSM team more efficient. By communicating with them throughout the documentation process, this integral part of the team can be included and recognized.

Here are some of the ways technology can assist your GSM team and your entire cemetery operation, whether you're a small independent firm or larger corporation. 

Confirming legal issues. 

Using management software, GSM employees can access documentation to confirm legal requirements and verify the correct location of a grave space, thereby ensuring the correct spaces are opened. It can be cumbersome and time-consuming to both locate and refile paper documents and plot maps. While that information is essential, digitizing the paper trail makes the information more readily accessible to all team members, from administration to sales to GSM. Locations, rights, payments, and more can be accessed and verified in just a few clicks, rather than rifling through old (and often not updated) files. 

Scheduling maintenance. 

Proper monitoring of gravesites, crypts, and mausoleums is an ongoing project for GSM staff, including tasks such as irrigation, landscaping, and maintenance of graves and floral arrangements. These tasks can be scheduled in a digital system, in real-time, for GSM staff to access. This shift to using digital forms instead of paper checklists also aids compliance and digital forms offer the ability to communicate faster and provide more information. Easy-to-use online checklists are used to save time, record completion, and double-check accuracy.

Verifying technical specifications.

How big does the hole need to be? What are the parameters/dimensions of the plot? Will the plot house an oversized casket? Will there be a service at the burial and, if so, what equipment and setup will be needed? Cemetery management software can ensure these details are correct every time. A module that stores both text and photos, that can be updated and shared by the appropriate member of the team, adds even more value and efficiencies.  

Increasing communication. 

GSM staff are busy and often on-site, and they may not often see or communicate daily with sales, administration, or even funeral directors counting on their services. Using technology accessible in the field makes communication among internal teams seamless. An employee out in the grounds can access current information via a tablet or smartphone, alleviating any confusion. 

Enhancing your cemetery's image. 

When a family arrives at a cemetery, the work of the GSM team is often the first thing they see—the open grave, the neatly piled dirt, the lifts in place. These details often leave an impression that stays with a family—so do any mistakes or oversights. Using a digital cemetery management system keeps the entire team apprised of any changes. Proper communication = proper execution = excellent and memorable customer service. 

Supporting your GSM team is important for the health of your business and crucial to the customer experience. Using technology to make the team more productive—and make it easier for them to do their job—is key to doing that.

When the entire team is on the same page, it just projects a more professional image. For an industry often misunderstood by the general public, that's a lifesaver, especially in challenging economic times.

Families put their trust in you and your cemetery team to serve them in one of the most challenging times of their lives. So it's important to always bring your A-game. Digital transformation—from the office to the salesroom to the field to the gravesite—is most resourceful and efficient way to make that happen. byondpro, and its standalone GSM module, can support your GSM team achieve peak productivity, efficiencies, and communication. It's a true win-win for the cemetery team and the families it serves.

For more information about byondpro and its capabilities for your cemetery, visit byondpro or schedule a demo today.

About the Author

Lucy Sanchez
National Sales Manager, North America

Lucy is driven to provide service excellence and transformation aligned to changing client needs. Her experience in consultative sales and time in death care has prepared Lucy to deliver solutions that improve the daily lives and experiences of her diverse clients and partners.

As part of our team, Lucy values the opportunity to collaborate with her associates. She believes in providing support, vision and a bit of humor all while continuously putting her best foot forward.

Lucy's favorite quote: "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence." -Vince Lombardi

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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