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Maintaining Balance Between Laughter and Grief

Stress Relief: Maintaining Balance Between Laughter and Grief

Stress is inevitable. It's been a common theme throughout the course of the pandemic and is certainly felt by those in the funeral and death care industry. Nancy Weil, a leading authority on the relationship between humor and grief, offers advice for funeral directors in her recent webinar with OpusXenta. Nancy is the Membership Director for the Or...


Putting the You into Universal

You You - the most important person in your life. Shannah Kennedy made this abundantly clear in her 'In Conversation with' webinar this last quarter about The Importance of Caring for Self in an Industry All About Caring for Others. (Make sure to grab your copy of the recording if you missed it.) As caregivers and community supporters, and managers...

'In Conversation With' Webinars

Our 'In Conversation With...' Series Continues into 2021

Have you attended any of our "In Conversation With…" webinars? If you haven't yet had the chance, we encourage you to keep an eye on our website's "Events" page as we have some intriguing topics and guests scheduled for the year ahead. Over the course of 2020, John Haley from OpusXenta had some fascinating conversations with a range of guests invol...

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